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Three Fresh News Packages from Stephen Arnold Music!

It’s been a busy spring at Stephen Arnold Music, as we’ve been crafting 3 fresh, distinct and compelling news music packages. Stream, Ascend and Unite are examples of strong sonic news brands for local TV stations, each reflecting a unique, yet powerful soundtrack to the news and information that audiences demand. Ascend Introducing Ascend, an Emmy-winning, modern cinematic soundtrack for news. In the style of a sweeping film score, Ascend […]

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Las Vegas News Anchors at desk

Image is everything!

Winter’s on the way, but are you thinking about your station’s image? There will be some extra inventory available on your station next year, so it’s the perfect time to take a quick look at our latest image campaigns. Many viewers are now home all day… so it’s a unique opportunity to drive ratings with a fresh image marketing initiative!

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Coffee percolating, alarm ringing, toast popping – New Morning Image!

Imagine your morning routine – what do you hear? Fresh coffee percolating, your alarm awakening you, crisp toast popping up? These sounds, and others, combine to create a familiar, comforting beat – the soundtrack of your morning routine. Stephen Arnold Music is excited to announce the release of “Morning Routine”, our new morning image campaign: a fully produced, cost-effective marketing package for morning promotions. It’s sure to make a fun, […]

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EIG Giveaway

Everywhere I Go – Mega Guitar (and Uke) Giveaway!

UPDATE: We have our winners! Watch, Then Enter to Win One of Three Stunning Guitars! We’ve NEVER done anything like this before! Here’s THREE chances to win a cool instrument, just by listening and commenting on our our brand-new multiplatform/social image package: “Everywhere I Go.” First prize: Get your inner rockabilly on with this spectacular orange Gretsch 5420 Electromatic guitar. Next up: A stunning Martin Koa Wood Acoustic/Electric guitar. Amaze […]

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