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SAM Sonically Brands Relaunch of CCTV International as CGTN

DALLAS – Feb 28, 2017: The rebranding of a channel group that reaches over one billion people requires more than just a name change. China Central Television International (CCTV) is now China Global Television Network (CGTN), emphasizing an even more expansive worldview and mobile-first strategy. To make the updated focus crystal clear, Stephen Arnold Music continued its collaboration with the network to evolve its memorable theme.

The new themes for the rebranding followed Stephen Arnold Music’s work with Flint Skallen on a sonic brand and comprehensive music package launched in 2015 and shared between CCTV’s five International Channels. That engaging four-note mnemonic remains at the heart of this campaign, which announces the channel group’s new name while also demonstrating that the network is more easily accessible as CGTN.

Stephen Arnold Music’s composers post-scored the music to Flint Skallen’s bold graphics, building on the sonic signature and creating fresh arrangements to accompany the design team’s visceral new images. For the latest package, Stephen Arnold Music combined traditional orchestration with modern soundscape elements that drive home the mnemonic. As the sonic logo crescendos while announcing the network’s new name, the visuals highlight the multi-platform shift at CGTN.

“As CGTN, the DNA of the international news channels remains the same: to cover the entire globe, reporting news with a balanced view from a Chinese perspective,” says Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music. “Flint Skallen’s graphics were the driving force in this evolved messaging. Stephen Arnold Music’s updated themes reinforce the network’s leadership in global newsgathering, while highlighting the brand’s newly enhanced digital media and mobile features.”

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