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On the road…New York style

We were looking forward to escaping the searing Dallas heat only to land in New York City amidst their biggest heatwave in years. Weather be damned, we did have fun and made some new friends.

We also: Ate some weird food in Chinatown; cruised rickshaw style through mid-town; and stayed in arguably one of the smallest hotel rooms known to man.

Below are some pics from our trip to the city so nice they named it twice. See you soon!

Rolling rickshaw style

Larry Watzman with our new BFFs from agency McGarryBowen

This may well be the smallest hotel room in New York.

Our new director of business development Noelle Alanis with VP Creative Services Chad Cook

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  1. joshspoon says:

    I just saw that hotel in a search earlier today. It has a share bathroom right?

  2. Chad says:

    The Pod Hotel. Be very afraid!

  3. chuck london says:

    What hotel is that?