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Old School


There’s just something so lost in today’s working world. With all the newest technology, our tablets and smartphones are the way we communicate. What ever happened to the good ol’ fashioned, face-to-face conversation … you know, with eye contact and actually having to use your voice to talk (and ears to listen)? Or heaven forbid the phone call? It seems having to have a two-way conversation is just so “old school.”

At SAM, though, we truly believe in the power of relationships, and we strive to build on those relationships year after year. We don’t do it by sending an email every-now-and-again or just a blog post here and there. It’s nearly impossible to build a relationship with someone through email and text messages, so we do it by making sure we’re actually talking with our clients. We want to find out what they truly need and how we can best help them. We try to understand where they are coming from so that we can turn around music that will knock their socks off. Yes, the music our guys produce is amazing (I’m pretty biased), but if we didn’t truly LISTEN to their needs/wants we wouldn’t be able to be as spot-on with their direction. We try to nail it the first time for our clients and be as efficient as possible because time is of the essence, right? Everybody needs something yesterday — and we come through for them, time and time again.

But wait, that’s not all — we like visiting our clients too! That whole face-to-face communication thing is kind of a big deal to us. There is something so great about going to a small town and walking into a news studio to meet with a client. You get to know their world — what makes the station tick, what they stand for. You get to meet their producers and engineers and see how they all operate. In short, you get to KNOW them! The road trips and plane rides are so worth it to us. We want to develop a meaningful relationship with our clients. All the conferences, the happy hours, the parties (and we throw some pretty awesome parties!) are 100% geared towards getting to know people. Matching a face to a name is so fun! Getting to make eye contact and have an actual conversation is so important to us. The thing is, music is our specialty; it’s what we do … always changing, and trends will come and go … but relationships are our passion. That’s the heartbeat of SAM.

So … just call us “old school”, I guess!

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