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Can AI create better sonic branding than humans can?

robot hand and human hand

With continued interest in generative AI for music and arts, we were curious to know if AI music platforms could create brand music as emotionally appealing as that of our professional composers. We decided to put machines to the test, partnering with the world leader in sonic testing, SoundOut.

Together, we designed a two-part study measuring overall appeal and emotional accuracy of AI music versus human music. Creative briefs were developed to touch on specific emotions and provided to a leading Gen AI platform as well as one of our composers here at SAM. Resultant tracks were then tested with over 200 consumers, as well as analyzed through OnBrand, SoundOut’s sonic testing platform measuring 212 emotional attributes.

What we found may surprise you. AI demonstrates that it can compose appealing music, however, human music rated higher in both emotional accuracy and overall appeal. Additionally, AI demonstrates a 20% accuracy rate when composing music for specific emotional briefs, showing that it can compete with humans, but not with the precision required for commercial-ready music. Results signify that for commercial-ready music, and especially sonic branding, Gen AI (for now) should be used as a creative tool to assist with ideation and composition, enabling human composers to focus on emotion.

Read the full White Paper here and listen to music samples from the study. And be sure to read the latest feature in Forbes on our Human vs. Machine music research.

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