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It’s the Sound of the Story

Hey Clients & Friends! Happy Tuesday!

I know many of you spend your days looking for new ways to promote your station, network, show or product. So the next time you need to produce a promo, try a different creative approach: login to your music library FIRST. That might sound completely backwards, but music is actually your most effective tool to evoke an emotional response. Login to a great production music library (might I suggest The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music?!?) and dig around a bit. Find a track that conveys your desired emotion – then build your pictures and words AROUND the music.

WFAA called us up last year looking for a fun track with a lot of movement for a new morning promo. They selected “Peanuts” from The Vault’s Song Zu library and built the promo around the track. We think it turned out really great! Here’s the spot:

Graeme Newell featured the promo in his “Local TV News Marketing: What’s Working, What’s Not & Why” – it’s in the what’s working category, around the 27:20 mark. 🙂

And if you’re working on a news promo – don’t forget about your news music package! If you’re working with a SAM package, it’s deep…like hundreds of cuts deep. Many stations are only using maybe 15% of their news music package, which means you’re already sitting on a treasure trove of sonically branded music. And the Stephen Arnold Music packages are hosted on the same search and download site that we use for The Vault. If you have BOTH products, you can check out a plethora of options – in one place!

If you’d like our help with a playlist, feel free to give us a buzz. We’re putting them together all day long for clients. We can send you something great we just pulled for another client – or we can put one together just for you. Easy peasy!

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