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Honoring All Those Who Serve….

Veterans Day 2014

Today is November 11th, which around the world is known as Armistice Day – commemorating the signing of the Armistice and ending World War I.  Here in the states we know it as Veterans Day.  But no matter its name, it serves the same purpose:  to honor and recognize all those who serve.  And so, we’d like to recognize all of our family and relatives here at SAM who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces – Thank you for your service.

James Boyd – US Army, Iraq/Afganistan

Fernando Rodriguez – Sgt Major, US Army

Dr Carroll Bitting Shaddock – WWII Papua New Guinea

William Gillett – RAF Spitfire Engineer , WWII Europe and North Africa

Peter Bernays – US Navy, WWII Pacific Theater

Juan Garcia – US Army 1st Infantry, Active Duty

Tony Matute – US Marines, Somalia

Matt Bolton – US Air Force, F-16 fighter pilot, Afganistan/Iraq, Active Duty

Rick Bernardino –  US Army, Korean War

Travis Ohr – US Navy, Active Duty

Carlos Daming – US Army, Korean War

Bill Boyd – Air Force, Korean War

Jack Donald West –  US Army, Korean War

Darrell Nix – US Air Force (1950-1970), B52 Tail Gunner, Korean War

Joel Nickel – US Army, Korean War

Dave Lorance – US Army 7th Infantry, Bayonet Division, Korean War

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