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FOX finds the Devil – in the Musical Details

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How do you re-launch a hit show for its third season, and make it a HOT premiere? Well, first you start looking in The Vault from Stephen Arnold Music for a smokin’ music track, of course. Our friends from the crack promo team at FOX needed to make a big splash for LUCIFER, a dramatic series about how the original “fallen angel” Lucifer gets bored with Hell and moves to L.A. to continue his debauchery on earth. Like – we needed more, right? But through some inspired events, he begins to ponder whether his eternally-damned soul – is perhaps redeemable. That’s pretty heavy stuff for a TV series, so the promo needed a music cut with some dark drama – and heartfelt humanity.

SAM answered the call with a highly-targeted playlist from The Vault, their award-winning production music library. And they hit promo gold when FOX chose the track “Hot Love” from Song Zu, a highly-specialized music library within The Vault.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Song Zu produces the very BEST music for advertising – and have the Clios to back it up. The catalogue covers virtually every genre, but each with a unique Song Zu twist. They are a top-shelf contributor to The Vault collection of outstanding production music

“We’ve been fortunate to have a great relationship with the FOX On-Air Promotion creatives for many years,” says Whitney Arnold, Vice President of Music Services for SAM. “They always send us great promos, so when one of our tracks fits perfectly, it makes for such an easy creative process. Song Zu’s catalog lends itself perfectly to FOX’s style.”

Working closely with our partners is what really gets us excited at Stephen Arnold Music. Whether it’s an individual promo, or a massive network package, each project gets the same personal service and human touch. We can’t imagine doing it any other way.

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