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Envisioning the Sound of Sagrada Família

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Have you ever used music to describe an experience so powerful, words and pictures couldn’t do it justice? At SAM, we often interpret the world through sound, especially when trying to make sense of visceral experiences. During a recent visit to Spain, we were fortunate to tour Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, Basílica de la Sagrada Família, and the experience left us, well… speechless. In an effort to describe how it made us feel we turned to music.

The church has been under construction for over 140 years, and when complete, will be the tallest religious structure in the world. Gaudi believed that architecture should follow lines found in nature, and it’s this interplay of mesmerizing angles, towering spires, intricate stained glass in every color imaginable, and unbelievable detail that had us awestruck.

We couldn’t help but imagine what this experience could sound like. Inspired, we envisioned what Sagrada Família’s vast halls and ornate carvings would say if they could speak. Following its flowing, organic design, the music slowly morphs from one thought to the next, creating a sense of calm in the vastness and inspiring feelings of peacefulness and introspection.

If you’ve experienced it for yourself, perhaps this piece of music will take you back. And if you haven’t, perhaps it will open a door to a true architectural wonder, and help you to see the world through sound.

What do your experiences sound like?
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*Stephen Arnold Music composed this piece of music of its own volition. The company and its music are not affiliated with Basílica de la Sagrada Família.

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