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ENTER THE VAULT! It’s a Gold Les Paul Guitar + Marshall Speaker Giveaway

The Vault Guitar Giveaway
UPDATE: We have our winner! Watch the drawing here »

There’s GOLD in The Vault!

There is a staggering amount of music in The Vault – including every category, style and genre. And we’ve just added an astounding collection of new volumes from Beatbox (272 albums) and Dramabox (23 albums)! Now it’s time to break into the Vault and see for yourself!

Enter to Win!

Simply listen to some of the new Beatbox tracks below, leave a comment, and you’ll be automatically entered to win this Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar in Metallic Gold – OR – this thumpin’ Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker!

Les Paul Guitar + Marshall Speaker

  • The guitar features that famous Les Paul versatility, tone and style in a vintage throwback finish which just screams “classic!” This rockin’ axe comes with a gig bag and Epiphone’s limited lifetime warranty.
  • The stout-hearted, Marshall Bluetooth speaker is packed with 36 watts of power, can play 20 hours on a single charge and features multi-dimensional sound that seems to come from everywhere. It’s truly a beat box!

Don’t delay! Enter The Vault today and find the treasure inside: Gold-standard production music, AND a chance to win an exquisite Gold Epiphone Les Paul guitar or a bangin’ Marshall speaker!

Beatbox: Big And Brassy
Beatbox: Just A Summer Thing
Beatbox: Dance All Night
Beatbox: Boss Of Me

Good luck and thanks for listening to Beatbox!

Drawing to be held online Friday, November 4, 2022 at 3 p.m. CT/5 p.m. ET.
Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Eric Hultz says:

    Nice variety, would work really well for a sports show

  2. Jeff Morrison says:

    WOWK 13

  3. Tom Duska says:

    Modern and great soundtracks for some night life spots. The wheels are turning!

  4. Jared Stepp says:

    Anything with brass makes me jiggle my….I like the Big and Brassy song.

  5. Jenny Dolph says:

    Boss Of Me has a lot of attitude. Love the stomps and claps! (I would also love that gold guitar – it’s lovely.)

  6. Hillary George says:

    The change in pace on Summer thing at 0:08 was good – very cool sultry vibes

    Could Boss of Me find some lighter notes to make me more feminine and less angst-y?

    Big & Brassy-love it!

  7. James Duncan says:

    I think that these tracks really show off your versatility. Good job!

  8. Lisa Hu says:

    Cool beats! These can work well in promos.

  9. Kevin Twohill says:

    Great stuff, as usual!

  10. Alan Balzer says:

    KMVU FOX26
    As expected, top notch. Really liked the poppy Dance all night and Boss of me. You guys are in touch with music from different eras and know what works well with visuals.

  11. Raymond Higgins says:

    Fingers crossed

  12. Sherry Burns says:

    I really like Big and Brassy and Just a Summer Thing

  13. Steph Walker-Wells says:

    Rethink Communications
    Love the layers in Big and Brassy! And great vocals in Boss of me!
    great to hear some fun tunes coming out. thanks!

  14. Pete Calgaro says:

    Sweet beats and very current sound! Great job SAM!

  15. Paul Mehlhaff says:

    KTVQ Television
    The tracks are just a little cheesy, but not in too bad a way! These would be great for lighter-hearted lifestyle programming and blogs. The productions are still solid and fresh for a contemporary vibe, which is difficult for any music service to pull off.

    I’ll definitely remember the “Beatbox” name when I’m looking for a similar, contemporary feel!

  16. Dominic J Mancuso says:

    Can see Big and Brassy working on a sports show.

  17. Philip Noftz says:

    WJW-TV, Nexstar Media
    I liked the music! I’ll have to use this next time I need upbeat music.

  18. Jesse Grear says:

    Always the best music!

  19. Joe Schlaerth says:

    Gray TV, WFIE
    I really like Dance and Boss of Me. Some good, high voltage beats… easy to match video to.

  20. Emily Evans says:

    Nice variety in the new releases.

  21. Lilah Obregon-Wilson says:

    Disco Cha Cha
    Really appreciating the driving force of the beatbox samples.

    • Michael Scott says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Lilah- so many great tracks in this catalog. Glad you like!

  22. Aleece Way says:

    Nexstar Media, Inc.
    Great Sound!

  23. William Kyle Simpson says:

    Nexstar Broadcasting Inc.
    These tracks are great. I especially like the “Just A Summer Thing” track. I like the feel of it.

  24. DON NORMAN says:

    WTAT-FOX 24/Cunningham Broadcast Group
    Great tracks!! FUN and Upbeat!

  25. Keith Collins says:

    Nexstar Media Baton Rouge
    I love it. Very contemporary arrangements and instrumentation.

  26. Jovany Hernandez says:

    Good job on all of these! Just A Summer Thing reminds me of reality TV like Party Down South. Big And Brassy brings a tasty flavor for new late-night talk show theme. I would personally pick Dance All Night for its easy appeal for an upbeat track that can be applied to nearly anything positive.

  27. Mike Emerick says:

    Good tunes.

  28. Ryan Clark says:

    Good stuff. Some great options here. AND you guys always have the best giveaways (I still remember that beautiful Hofner bass y’all had at Promax!).

  29. Joel Benavides says:

    Nice modern beats!

  30. Sam Maclay says:

    3 Advertising
    Nice production values and full-sounding tracks.

  31. Mark Wernberg says:

    NBC Sports Next
    Excellent as usual! keep it up.

  32. randy stone says:

    upbeat stuff….I likey

  33. Steph poli says:

    Love it!!

  34. Sherman Overton says:

    Fox Television Stations

  35. Hans Dieterle says:

    AMC Networks
    Love them all! Very catchy beats all with distinct flavors. Titles are on point.

  36. keith smith says:

    great work as always!

  37. Drew Hancock says:

    KAIT (Gray Television)
    I like the variety of sounds showcased here. They definitely hit some trending sounds that we have been enjoying lately.

  38. Shawn Green says:

    Now, THAT’s what I call muzak!

  39. Rolando Chavez says:

    Just A Summer Thing giving me SoCal vibes!

  40. Orlando Rotundo says:

    Glad I was introduced to you guys…great catalogue!

  41. Matthew Livingston says:

    Sick beats! Gonna bump these in the car!

  42. Ellie Holsopple says:

    WHSV - Gray Television
    Boss Of Me is a VIBE and I am here for it! Coming in a close second is Just A Summer Thing, because I’ll hang on to any thread of summer for as long as I can:) Great stuff!

  43. Mark Kammerich says:

    NPG of Missouri
    Nice energy on Big And Brassy.
    Good groove on Just A Summer Thing.
    Just the right amount of cowbell on Dance All Night.
    Whoa, good vocals on Boss Of Me.

  44. Ricardo Barros says:

    Little Big Bang Studios

  45. Eric Houser says:

    Nashville Design Center
    These are great cuts. I’d use these cuts in a heartbeat!

  46. FOX13 says:

    Love all the energy! You guys are awesome!

  47. Ned Biddle says:

    National Ministry of Design
    Honestly you guys are a delight to work with. We did a lottery campaign where we needed a bunch of genre based styles to seamlessly morph behind ticket themes.

    Having the library was great so we could pick the tracks and Chad and his merry band could write transitions to make a seamless whole, was wonderful.

    A great way to work and turnaround was excellent! I could wax poetic about show packaging campaigns etc. These guys are pros go way beyond what you ask.

    Stephen is a gas to jam with, a guitarist’s guitar player lol!

  48. Charles Edmonds says:

    Nexstar Media Inc.
    Very nice variety of the music of today.
    Should work well for a variety of our promotional and commercial applications.
    Keep up the good work!

  49. David Billings says:

    Hello! First of all big fan of the site and your staff is very helpful. I work as a promotion producer at a mid-west television station. The music I use mostly has no vocals and is either very upbeat or slow, sad piano pieces depending on the news feature. Big & Brassy would fit the promos I do. Just a Summer Thing is more You-Tube like montages, not my thing. Dance All Night would make a great contest promotion soundtrack. Boss of Me would be great to edit to for a sports story.

  50. Daniele Feenstra says:

    KCAU-TV in Sioux City, Iowa
    Those are fun beats!!! Could see a lot of fun promos with our anchor crew with viewers.

  51. Jesse Mason says:

    Just a Summer Thing sounds like that Lauv track I Like Me Better. Good stuff!

  52. Peter Ujkaj says:

    C & J Spring
    Great things I will look into it.

  53. Annika Wolters says:

    The Associated Press
    I like the Boss of me the best!

  54. Annika Wolters says:

    Nice tracks!

  55. Victor Alexeeff says:

    Q THIS
    Good stuff! Will definitely check this out more!

  56. Petra Luna says:

    Very good to know about The Vault! Will check when in need of music, thanks! Of the 4 tracks you are listing above I like Boss of Me the most. Also, that guitar is gorgeous!

  57. Charles Lin says:

    Dig the Summer track!

  58. Aaron Heinrich says:

    I took another listen and think the Boss of Me is my favorite of the four.

  59. Aaron Heinrich says:

    I like the energy of all of these. The Dance All Night one is probably my favorite since I could see it being used for multiple types of content. Boss of Me and Big and Brassy have a definite sports use vibe. Nicely done!

  60. Greg Taylor says:

    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Boss of Me is my favorite of the 4

  61. Nishan Gilmet says:

    Seems like “Beatbox: Boss Of Me” will be the next score for a reality show on Netflix that has to do with dating. LOL

  62. NISHAN GILMET says:

    Love Beatbox: Just A Summer Thing!

  63. Emily Lee says:

    I can definitely picture a few of these being very useful for some of our promos. Thanks for all the amazing music you continue to acquire for your library!

  64. Garth Franklin says:

    Kroenke Sports and Entertainment
    Thanks for posting, Whitney!

  65. William S. Anderson says:

    KRQE Media
    Just a summer thing seems intentionally dated (nostalgic), Boss of Me I think will be unintentionally dated way too soon because of the stylized vocals. Big and Brassy is fun, but nothing hooky in this clip. Dance all night would be fun to edit images to.

  66. Ryan McGaughey says:

    Nice music

  67. Dean Poor says:

    Great stuff, Sir Stephen! Keep kickin’ it!

  68. Pete George says:

    Sounds nice, like the stereo feel/effects

  69. Brady Marah says:

    Awesome stuff like always

  70. Jerome Dunlap says:

    Disney General Entertainment
    Love the work! Always top notch.

  71. Kelly Tibbit says:

    Nice tracks! Strong but each can be a nice compliment to any voice over or nat sound piece.

  72. Adrian Dominguez says:

    KXAS NBC 5
    Great stuff! Both “Just A Summer Thing” and “Boss Of Me” make me feel inspired to shoot some highlight reels.

  73. Stef Frank says:

    Cool tracks. I bet you get a lot of syncs

  74. Terry Kowalski says:

    WROC-TV | Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
    Excellent work from SAM once again. “Boss of Me” and “Big and Brassy” really stood out and got my creative juices flowing.

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Appreciate it, Terry! Hope you & the team enjoy all the new tracks!

  75. Lou Cucinelli says:

    WANE 15
    Digging Dance All Night the most – but all sound great! Plenty of room in the mix for soundbites/announcer copy. You guys are the best in the business!

  76. Wayne Reed says:

    Nexstar Media
    Thank you for everything you do for our company (Nexstar Media). We sincerely appreciate our partnership.

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Our pleasure, Wayne. Likewise!

      Say hello to your team in Wichita Falls for me 🙂


    Y’all always put out incredible stuff!

  78. Dan Klintworth says:

    WBTW News 13
    Great mix on all four tracks. Probably 95% of what we produce has wall-to-wall voiceover so anything like “Just A Summer Thing” would work very well and not fight the announcer copy.

    • Tanner Adams says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      “Just a Summer Thing” is one of my favorites! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!!

  79. Austin Kokel says:

    Nexstar / WBTW
    As always, Stephen Arnold sound is totally pro quality. I’d love to use these in any production. And I’d love to have stems to work with, so I can mix to my own liking!

  80. Mark Garcia says:

    KMID- Nexstar Midland/Odessa, TX
    Love the modern, upbeat sounds. Lots of promotional value here. Great work!


    This music to my ears….very impressive!

  82. Jeff Walsh says:

    Great music quality and the library is always adding new innovative sounds. Amazing choice of stems and lengths in most of their tracks. Did I mention GREAT QUALITY!?

  83. Tom Hill says:

    Good beats! Okay – really just want my chance at the “gold”

  84. Matthew says:

    Great music and great people at SA!

  85. Shawn Dickerman says:

    SAM is THE BOSS!

  86. Brad Voigt says:

    KAAL- TV Hubbard Broadcasting
    Sounds Great!! Love what the Vault has to offer!

  87. mike t says:

    just a summer thing is gold

  88. Steve Wasilik says:

    The vocalist on “Boss of Me” is impressive!

  89. Molly Browning says:

    WSAZ NewsChannel 3
    Love all of them! Wish we had the Vault.

  90. Andrew Huggins says:

    WTMJ-Milwaukee (TMJ4)
    The production value here is superb— this is no elevator music! I always boost my projects to the next level when I dip into The Vault. These are a great addition!

  91. Matt Rafferty says:

    I like the sound of Dance All Night, I can it being used in a cool TV spot. Great stuff!

  92. Donald Haener says:

    Nexstar Media Group, KOLR10 Television
    The production quality is amazingly “Pristine and Great!”

    All four cuts work great for unique promos–syndicated show promos—sports promos—even news image promos.

    Thank you, Stephen Arnold, for always pouring a “new mold” for music.

    We (KOLR10-Springfield) dive into the “Vault” anytime we need music to set the theme and tenor for a promo.

    You are quite simply–The Best!

  93. Nick Good says:

    As a commercial producer, I really wish most tracks listed at 30 seconds were actually 30 seconds instead of just 26-28 seconds trailing off into levels inaudible to the human ear. Instead of just selecting the 30 second filter, I have to manually set the filter between :30 and :35 seconds since some of the tracks to trail to nothing actually end at :30 (while the actual file may continue until :35). 15 second tracks are even worse as some end at around 10 seconds! It makes my job selecting tracks much harder as I have to weed through a bunch of tracks that are unusable for commercial production.

  94. Matthew Roberts says:

    I’m digging the “Just a summer thing” maybe its because its getting cold here…or maybe because its got that throwback vibe. Good sounds as always!! 🙂

  95. Larry Watzman says:

    FOX 35
    The magicians at SAM work wonders again pulling out all the stops to create Beat Box. A nice mix of chest pumping rhythms angelic harmonies, Slaptastic bass and grooves for all my music needs.
    Well done lads! So great to always have a partner when it comes to music and sonic sounds that make people rattle and hum and get noticed BIGTIME!

  96. Paul Fey says:

    Cool! Great work, guys.

  97. benjie newman says:

    Great tunes!

  98. Hang says:

    I really like the second one! Sounds really Cool! I do feel the summer!

  99. Jordana Clark says:

    Marshall Advertising
    Love the Big & Brassy – feel like there are so many things this could pair up with – sports, back to school rush, surfing, traffic jams.

    Boss of Me – ownership! On top!

    Great stuff.

  100. Oscar Welch says:

    Welch Creative
    The most efficient and adaptable music source I have heard.

  101. Rick Snyder says:

    WAGA FOX 5
    The crew at Stephen Arnold always does a great job!

  102. Nichole Deck says:

    Ross Video
    These clips are great! I can totally see myself using them! Thanks for letting me know they are out there!

  103. Finis Terry-Robinson says:

    Nexstar - KLFY News 10
    My favorite one is Beatbox: Dance All Night. It’s universally appealing and can fit for several image spots…Plus it has a catchy chord progression.

  104. james says:

    Nice, loving the constant new additions. Thanks. James

  105. Jerome Risting says:


  106. Ryan Speer says:

    Nice, modern sounds. Great stuff, as always!

  107. Teresa Turner says:

    I’m curious to know what type of content creators use this music!

  108. Peter Odvarka says:

    Gray Television
    Good selection of high energy tracks! Nice work!

  109. Steven Jones says:

    I really like Dance All Night. Sounds like an upbeat (for a change) Depeche Mode song. Keep up the excellent work!

  110. Burke Daneman says:

    We’ve had the Vault for the last year and really enjoy it!

  111. Manny says:

    KDAF CW33 Dallas TX
    Great work, like always you come with it….Really feeling Just a summer thing…

  112. Bryan Johnson says:

    Always a pleasure working with Stephen, Whitney, Noelle, Jesus and the rest of the SAM team.

  113. Jam Sardar says:

    I’m ready to watch a show that can make use of Big and Brassy (although Summer and Dance can probably be used for a wider range of material).

  114. Stephen Stallings says:

    dentsu creative
    Excellent tracks. Great stuff!

  115. Jackson J Sturlin says:

    Good stuff! I can think of several great places to use some of these tracks!

    • Tanner Adams says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Glad to hear it, Jackson! The Vault has the best tracks in the business!!

  116. Dave Dwinell says:

    Crete Carrier
    What can’t you find in the Vault? Always gives me the tracks that make my projects grear

    • Tanner Adams says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      The Vault has EVERYTHING! Glad to hear it’s been a benefit for you!

  117. Jeremy Glover says:

    wcpo-tv (Scripps)
    Nice work! Awesome prizes!

  118. Justin Mutone says:

    Fox Entertainment
    Very cool

  119. Andrew Rattei says:

    It’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it!

  120. Blaine Stewart says:

    WTKR-TV | E.W. Scripps Co.
    Love the new stuff!

  121. Ronda White says:

    KSTU / FOX 13
    LOVE Beatbox! Nicely done, SA music!

  122. Mary Borger says:

    Draper Media
    Very energetic!

  123. Tony Gaston says:

    Sounds great! Thanks for the offer.

  124. Harley Wettemann says:

    Action News Now
    Nice beats, Fun, upbeat, great for a promtions or commercial

  125. Lauren Roberts says:

    These are great! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Marc Bazerman says:

    Fox News Media
    The new library sounds great. I can see using a bunch of these tracks in upcoming projects.

  127. David Orson Wallach says:

    David Orson Music, Inc.

  128. Mark Klein says:

    Gray Television
    Love the syncopated melodies in all of these tracks. Those stabs are perfect edit-points for us to cut video to. It’s golden, like that Gold-Top that would look great on my wall 🙂

  129. morgan dhée says:

    All commercial worthy tracks (: Loving that gold top!!

  130. Michael Scott says:

    Stephen Arnold Music
    That is a fun track Robert, thanks.

  131. Jake Conley says:

    These are great!

  132. Grant Farek says:

    KXXV (EW Scripps)
    Boss of Me has a new-age feel, great for ads.

  133. TVbacon says:

    Let’s Go with the new Beats

  134. Phillip Randall Allen says:

    Dance All Night and Just A Summer Thing have a great beat for club scenes in videos. I don’t often use music with lyrics but those that do might be the right thing. Stephen Arnold Music has always produced excellent music tracks.

  135. Keith Kramer says:

    Great tone in “Dance all night”

    More cowbell!

  136. Gene Kirkconnell says:

    WKRG-TV /
    As always, awesome work! Catchy. Contemporary. Fun.

  137. Jenny says:

    Loving the summer vibes for”Just A Summer Thing”. I needed that pick me up with all of the rain and snow here lately.

  138. George Docekal says:

    These are great. Love the Big and Brassy, Boss of Me could also be a strong marketing tune to a positive promo. Well done.

  139. Jonathan Gejtman says:


  140. Joseph Hassell says:

    Dance all night, so much energy!

  141. Casey Clark says:

    WJZY Queen City News
    Just a summer thing is may favorite of these cuts. I could imagine it as a fun car commercial at the beach.

  142. Suzi Mahe says:

    Love all four of these!

  143. Darcy Stapleford says:

    KSTU FOX 13 Scripps
    LOVE Big and Brassy! Has a great sound for a news morning show promo. I also really like Dance All Night, I can picture it perfectly with a ‘best of’ compilation video. Good job!

  144. Richard Eairheart says:

    Wow! Great tracks and super quality sound!

  145. John Fawcett says:

    Love the Vault

  146. Steve South says:

    Always great music production

  147. Steve South says:

    Great music production as usual

  148. Joseph Hassell says:

    Nexstar Media Group
    Can’t wait to get a look inside the vault! Love the sample tracks!

  149. Michael Moore says:

    House of Representatives Audio/Video Dept.
    Big and Brassy and DanceAllNight hit the spot.

  150. CHRIS WILSON says:

    Thirteen / WNET
    Loving these new options! Great work!

  151. Jared Morrison says:

    Gray / WVVA
    Boss of me rocks

  152. Stan. Knott says:

    Standard Media
    Always a fan of big and brassy, you guys continue to develop nice tracks.

  153. Matthew Stalker says:

    Spectacor Sports & Entertainment
    These are good tracks, esp. Big and Brassy. Dance All Night as well.

  154. Wes Pollard says:

    Great beats…these will drive a great promo edit. Love the energy!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Love to see one of your promos using these tracks. And I hope you win the Bluetooth speaker…I don’t think you have any more room for guitars…ha!

  155. Tad Frank says:

    WALA FOX10
    Leaned towards Summer Thingy as favorite but upbeat is always a welcome addition.

  156. Timothy McNamara says:

    WXIA / Tegna
    Good stuff all around

  157. Jeff Pitner says:

    All sound great as usual. My favorite is the Big & Brassy. Sounds like it could be a great late night show theme.

  158. Dorn Martell says:

    Happy to be working with you guys!

    • Michael Scott says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Dorn- we are happy to be working with you and team as well!

  159. John Deushane says:

    11Alive (WXIA-TV)
    Good stuff. Now I’m going to be DancingAllNight and won’t be able to erase the earworm.

  160. AARON WILLIAMS says:

    “Big & Brassy” would be great for high energy promos; “Just a Summer Thingy” would work well for feature stories, I’m seeing skydiving, bungee-jumping, whitewater rafting, etc.; “DanceAllNight” would be good for lifestyle shows and “Boss of Me” would fit right in for a sports special.

  161. Steven Holland says:

    David's Bridal
    The new Beatbox tracks sound great!

  162. Dennis Mailloux says:

    Nexstar Media Group, Inc.
    I love that you guys are constantly coming up with great tracks to make our editing lives easier!

  163. Kathy Jaroneski says:

    Fun tracks! Great energy. Could use for sports. Love these.

  164. Mike Cunningham says:

    Love the cool vibes & energy! And the vocal on “Boss Of Me” rocks!

  165. Scott Jones says:

    Very contemporary, good stuff SAM!

  166. James Bartone says:

    WPRI-TV / Nexstar
    Great stuff as always! Can’t wait to edit some promos to these cool beats!

  167. STEVE DENARI says:

    Fresh & Fast! These all sound great!

  168. Travis Dent says:

    Just a Summer Thingy is my favorite, but I like all of the tracks. Great work!

  169. Steven Radford says:

    The Summery track works for so many kinds of feel good promos! Great work!

  170. Mac Mahaffee says:

    Great contemporary beats and music! Particularly like “Summer Thingy” and “Boss of Me.”

  171. alissa lincoln says:

    WXYZ TV 7
    I think I like “Dance All Night” the best!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Alissa…glad you like that track! Hope everything is going well!

  172. David Shearer says:

    Hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick just one I would have to go with Big and Brassy. As always, great job.

  173. Deborah Tanner says:

    Boss of Me is my favorite! Love DanceAllNight, too. Miss those days! What the kids would call a “banger” 🙂

  174. Tim Smith says:

    KTAB/KRBC Abilene, TX
    I thought from the name that these wouldn’t really work for us, but boy was I wrong! Big and Brassy and DanceAllNight are mighty tracks. I need to remember never to underestimate SAM!

  175. Scott Stilley says:

    Great energy, love all 4 cuts. Big and Brassy was my favorite and felt like a late-night talk show interstitial.

  176. Gerald W Poppe says:

    The variety of tempo’s are great and give latitude to multiple uses. Personally I prefer the DanceAllNight clip, my second choice would be the Big and Brassy. They have high energy which will certainly appeal to the younger generation and their ultimate tunein.

  177. Bob Berry says:

    What a great solution for a real need – Upbeat music in this style is hard to come by but you’ve nailed it. Big fan of the DanceALLNight bed. This would be great for a hard driving sports promo or a slick automobile ad. Excellent work!

  178. Gregory Bowman says:

    Great new beats. Will definitely be dropping these into future projects!

  179. Stephen Kipp says:

    Just a Summer Thingy – about to be my song of the winter. Stephen Arnold does it again.

  180. Jeff Laundergan says:

    I can immediately visualize a storyboard or scene with each of these cuts of music. That’s what I like most about your music, it’s easily relatable and gets juices flowing by providing a big 1st step in the creative process.

  181. Rafael Calderon says:

    KERO-TV Bakersfield (E.W Scripps)
    They are just full of positive energy! love it.

  182. Robert Rardin says:

    MINT dentistry
    Really like the Dance All Night! Will definitely be using that one.

  183. Peter Sachs says:

    AMC Networks
    Sweet tracks, I especially like Boss Of Me!

  184. Karen Yarbrough says:

    Lawrence Hall Abilene Dealership Group
    Of course these are all AMAZING!! I love how there are options for vocals or not. And speaking of the vocals… they’re always so awesome on all the tracks I’ve encountered them on in the library!

    And I would say all of this WITHOUT being put in a drawing… but Lord knows that beautiful Les Paul guitar would sound fabulous as would some music cranked out of the speaker!

  185. Rob Reynolds says:

    KLSR-TV Oregon's FOX
    I love the horns! MORE BIG BRASS!! The Vault always delivers.

  186. Derek Mleynek says:

    Cool tracks!

  187. Grant Newkirk says:

    KAIT (Gray TV)
    Love the tracks! Keep up the great work!

  188. Christina Rule says:

    Love the new tracks!

  189. Tony Lytle says:

    a box full of solid gold beats.

  190. Michael Lindsey says:

    Great tracks! I could see any of these being used on upcoming promo work. My fave is Dance All Night. Keep it up!

  191. Paul Harper says:

    Very nice energy! These would be a good fit for consumer featured reports or sports bumps and opens. Great job! Kind of tough to work a vocal track into the day-to-day. . .

  192. Russell Streit says:

    Amazing stuff as usual!

  193. Beth Galvin says:

    CBS and CMV Marketing Jeopardy! Wheel of fortune and Hot Bench
    Hi guys! Good stuff!
    This is my redemption entry. I won your beautiful guitar at promax this year but wasn’t present to claim cause of a Covid test! Argh.
    Love the music. Upbeat is what we use and Drama!

  194. Tony Dahle says:

    Banging new tracks! Great beats!

  195. Allan Bean says:

    Not sure of it’s use – but like the ‘just a summer thing’ version. Great to go on repeat.

  196. Tony Dahle says:

    Banging new tracks! Great beats! Stephen Arnold ALWAYS has new fresh music for all our commercial needs!

  197. Ben says:

    Really like the “DanceAllNight” track. I’ll have to keep it in mind for future projects!

  198. Ben Mulholland says:

    Very nice! That Big And Brassy POPS! I can already visualize the promotions these would be perfect for.

  199. Brandon McElroy says:

    Cool tracks! Good energy.

  200. Joey Kinsley says:

    Lockwood Broadcast Group
    Good stuff, as always. I’m partial to Boss of Me.

  201. Tim Lawlis says:

    If I win the Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar in Metallic Gold, I promise to continue my guitar lessons!

  202. Mark Atkinson says:

    Ardeane Healthcare Solutions
    Great tracks, you guys always create stellar stuff!

  203. Travis Henkaline says:

    FOX 17 WXMI
    We love The Vault at FOX 17 and I think that’s the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen. I hope I win it!

  204. Mark Higgins says:

    just a summer thingy, and dance all night are my two top choices. Nice arrangements for all tracks. Very different production styles.

  205. Paul Farmer says:

    It had a good beat and it was easy to dance to. And I’d like to add to my guitar collection.

  206. ELLEN YARBROUGH says:

    KSNF/KODE Joplin
    I would use these for sports promos and opens. “Just A Summer Thing” is a little too exciting for anything we would promote but it would be great for something featuring adventure.

  207. Craig Davis says:

    Love Stephen Arnold Music, always makes our productions stand out in a very competitive market. Never unsure if I’ll find a cut that the clients will enjoy adding to their brand. Thanks!!

  208. Ryan McGaughey says:

    Sounds great

  209. Jeremy Claypool says:

    FOX11/KCOP13 Los Angeles
    These tracks are FIRE!! You guys always create amazing tracks, and these ones surpass the mark once again! Great job — can’t wait to get these on some spots!

  210. Matt Hunter says:

    Great Music and sweet Guitars.

  211. Kyle Thompson says:

    Love the new tunes!!

  212. Nick Ruscitti says:

    Fresh and funky. I like.

  213. Dixon S Johnston says:

    Beautiful color!