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And the winner is…

At last week’s PromaxBDA conference in New York City we gave away more cool stuff, including 2 guitars (one ‘Hendrix’ model Strat, and a Tom Petty autographed Telecaster), as well as some awesome leather jackets & boots, and even a copy of Stephen Arnold’s forthcoming book “A Story of Six Strings.”

Congratulations to all our winners:

• Elizabeth Massip of Bravo won the Fender Telecaster autographed by Tom Petty.

• Dave Hirschberg of Telemundo took home the Hendrix replica Fender Strat.

• Terry Gallagher of Discovery nabbed the female leather jacket and boots

• Chad Reed of Golf Channel will soon be sporting the King Ranch leather jacket.

• John Dance of CNN won a copy Stephen Arnold’s book “A Story of Six Strings”

Stephen Arnold (left) with guitar winners Dave Hirschberg of Telemundo (center); and Elizabeth Massip of Bravo.


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