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Wanna Play? Here’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To The Guitar

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Guitar

Do you picture yourself as a rock star on stage shredding guitar solos like the greats, or just fancy playing around a campfire? Here at Stephen Arnold Music, we know there’s nothing more satisfying than creating music with your fingers.

Naomi Wilson, a professional music teacher and experienced Guitarist, has created this comprehensive Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Guitar. It’s a great resource and we recommend that you check it out here ».

Learning any instrument for the first time can seem daunting, but fear not, this guide is specifically for you. Naomi wants to make your journey into the world of guitar as fun, easy and un-intimidating as possible.

This comprehensive guide provides a solid foundation and is broken down to the basics. Topics include:

  • Guitar Basics
  • The Parts of Any Guitar
  • The three main types of guitars
  • Which one should you pick?
  • Music – Starting at the Beginning
  • A Drop of Very Basic Music Theory
  • The Basic Elements of Music
  • Notes
  • Timing and Tempo
  • Moving on – Time to Rock
  • Tuning Your Guitar
  • A Cool Benefit of Knowing How to Tune
  • Rhythm and Lead
  • Chords
  • Keys and Scales
  • Sheet Music and Tabs
  • Your Small Dictionary of Guitar and Music Terms
  • Lessons or Self-taught?
  • Building Your Skills and Staying Motivated
  • Inspiring songs, and guitarist to keep you on track
  • Off You Go

As Naomi would say: “Rock on!”

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