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The Devaluation Of Music.

Imagine walking into a Bentley dealership and saying, “Gee, I sure like that $375,000 Azure, but I only have $30,000 to spend. Do you think you could accept that?”

This an interesting excerpt from a book by Tom Petty’s publishing manager, Randall Wixen. (The Plain & Simple Guide To Music Publishing.) Wixen hits on how everyday, music is becoming “devalued” and how important it is for us (writers and publishers) to ”Stand Tall”

He also says:

  • In a film it might take minutes of dialogue or video to create a mood or tell a story while music can instantly convey a mood and communicate the directors vision. Imagine “Apocalypse Now” without “The End” by the Doors. When was the last time you saw a film with no musical score?
  • Likewise, some sports, figure skating for instance would not be possible without music. Imagine a college football game without a marching band. Restaurants and stores set ambiance by playing background music.
  • Yet, in the music industry, not a day goes by without someone who recognizes the value music brings to a project, but nonetheless belittles it’s value, complaining about the cost and pay a fee that is less than fair.” (Wixon p13)

Sound familiar? Ever had a client work you over on price? Here’s a clip that says it all (Thanks Bob Singleton):

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  1. Still relevant today.

  2. Jaysen says:

    The music industry has definitely taken a turn for the worse in recent years. But music is something that is of the uptmost value, whatever the media form. And it is a medium that is constantly used, whether acknowledged or not.

    We at the Music Void completely agree that something has to be done –