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The Biggest Thing Since The Last Biggest Thing + A Guitar Giveaway!

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Stock Music Will Never Be The Same.

Collaborating with BMG Production Music, created by one of the world’s largest record labels, The Vault just deposited thousands upon thousands of fresh, new tracks from internationally acclaimed composers and musicians. Still meticulously curated as always, and now even more fortified, The Vault is a safe bet that all your projects get the right feel and sound to elevate your work. We want to take you higher.

Check out our Vault Sizzle Reel and Enter To Win this “BIG” Jumbo Guitar!

Simply watch the above video and leave a comment below. It’s that easy!

Gretsch White Falcon Jumbo 12 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This giant Vault sized Rancher Falcon Jumbo 12-String gives you lavishly full 12-string tone with full-on Gretsch Falcon style, sparkling gilded appointments and onboard electronics for peerless amplified tone. Its jumbo cutaway body is finished in gloss white, with dazzling gold-sparkle binding on the top, back, soundhole, fingerboard and headstock. It’s a truly beautiful guitar.

Drawing held Friday, November 16, 2018, 3pm CT. See rules and regulations here »

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  1. Brian Paul Lubanski says:

    Very Cool

  2. Mac Mahaffee says:

    Top notch tunes!

  3. Lee McKinzey says:

    Nice video.

  4. Brian Kowalenko says:

    Those tracks are HOT!!! Keep it up!

  5. robert l brines says:

    Great sizzle reel. Powerful, moving and emotional. I loved it all. It really proved your brand as THE music powerhouse.

  6. James Taylor says:

    Makes you want to get up from your computer and actually do something! Nice!

  7. Jon Bennett says:

    Very intense. The edit points time well with the music. Very well done. Made me look. Many points for you and your team.

  8. Chris Watson says:

    WITN is a fan, high production value as always!

  9. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Great variety & energy.

  10. Greg Derkowski says:

    Those are some fresh notes!

  11. Jeff Felts says:


  12. David Dabler says:

    Taking over the world, one sound at a time.

  13. Greg Suchanek says:

    WDVM has been utilizing Stephen Arnold Music/ Creative for many years and our product has always remained fresh, on point, and viewer defining. Thank you for your consistent great work!

  14. George Edelmann says:

    Awesome love what you guys do. Keep on rockin !!!!

  15. Ned Biddle says:

    Stephen you guys always do great things for us! Your music libraries are first rate, and having the capabilities to customize beyond, is really the total package. You and Chad are fine musicians, and it shows in your work!

  16. Brent Struense says:

    I have used the Vault in three different television stations. The sound is second to none! I swear Stephen Arnold Music has a “secret sauce” or voodoo spell they apply to every track. Simply, the sound better then anyone in the industry. We always found a cut of music that fit well with each project. You will not go wrong selecting the Vault as your production music library!

  17. Shandra Bohley says:

    It was pretty cool.

  18. Terry Kowalski says:

    Great stuff! The creative possibilities are endless with music from the SAM collection.

  19. Edward Sparks says:

    The video was great, love the cutting, and what made it great was the music…something to cut to! Nice variety of music and sounds.

  20. joseph Uliano says:

    Awesome tracks, EPIC

  21. Noah Kozinko says:

    Great sound. It really moved the video.

  22. Don Norman says:


  23. Matt Forgey says:

    You all rule! Keep up the great work! Now win me that guitar please!

  24. amanda molina says:

    amazing as always!

  25. Dave Olson says:

    Noice, Can’t wait. Keep it up

  26. Randy Burleson says:

    Good stuff! We enjoy our Stephen Arnold music library! Lots of great selections.

  27. Ellen Toukatly says:


  28. David Wagner says:

    SAM always bringing the best!!!

  29. Eric says:

    Love your music!

  30. John Vogt says:

    Fantastic music as always from our friends at Stephen Arnold Music.

  31. Bruce Barrett says:

    Powerful music with an almost endless variety.

  32. Roger Ingram says:

    A lot of good tracks and good spots.

  33. Paul Sexton says:

    Love the diversity and energy!

  34. Dan Schillinger says:

    Great music and great energy, as always. If you want me to play this guitar on some future tracks, let me know.. LOL..

  35. Jeff Winget says:

    Fresh new music that breaks the stock mold!

  36. Lisa Reuter says:

    Love it, great energy!

  37. Brannon Bain says:

    Love that sizzle

  38. don richards says:

    I enjoyed the reel and I have enjoyed the sound of a 12 string guitar since the Byrds caught my young ear.

  39. Jerome Risting says:

    Making a great thing even better.

  40. Chuck Spruill says:

    awesome as always!!

  41. Doug Rucker says:

    You guys have such a well-curated collection of production music. Everything sounds custom.

  42. Mallorie Lough says:

    Love your music! You guys do great work, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to utilize it!

  43. Pete Nikiel says:

    I think I entered already. But I’ll do it again!

  44. Joey Kinsley says:

    That’s a big vault

  45. Anthony Cortese says:

    Excellent range of styles! Love it!

  46. Marcus Nash says:

    Very nice, SAM! Love it!

  47. Tom Stock says:

    Great job & great diversity of styles!

  48. Foster Naylor says:

    That geetar is a beaut.

  49. Brian Kintz says:

    Love it! Very nice and very diverse range

  50. Cameron Smith says:

    Nice Sizzle real and slick guitar!

  51. Chad Larsen says:

    Impressive!! You guys do amazing work!!!

  52. Dave Samuels says:

    Learn something new everyday… Sonic Branding

  53. Leslie Bebko says:

    Very diverse- love it all!

  54. Tom Treml says:

    Loved It The First Time……Took A Second Listen And Loved It Even More !!

    Your At The Top Of The List For SM Needs !!

  55. Tom Treml says:

    Very Nice…..Love All Your Stuff !

  56. Jeff Poole says:

    Awesome, I see so many uses . . .

  57. Christopher Gross says:

    Lovin the additions to the vault!

  58. Elizabeth Fimian says:

    Love the music selections in the reel, very compelling!

  59. Dan Bantley says:

    Motivational and atmosphere creating music! Sets the stage for what you are promoting! Grabs the listeners attention!

  60. Ricky Herington says:

    Wide variety of music in that vault.

  61. Travis Dent says:

    Glad to see more variety now in the Vault.

  62. Benjamin Durham says:

    awesome sizzle reel!

  63. Ryan Speer says:

    Sounds great…nice variety!


    nICE music nice songs in the world!!!

  65. Harley Wettemann says:

    Love it, great work. lots of diversity

  66. Eric Dahl says:

    Musically and visually engaging! Killer demo!

  67. Kevin Knighton says:

    Make a good project great with awesome music!!!

  68. Thomas Ciprari says:

    Always a great selection! Keep up the great work!

  69. Esther Daily says:


  70. Scott Larkin says:

    Great music makes a great production. SAM Rocks It!

  71. Tim Bajkiewicz says:

    Anything with the new Khan is great! This is amazing music with wide application and appeal.

  72. Andrew Moore says:

    The video showcases the fantastic variety of music available, especially with The Vault’s new partnership with BMG. My video crew uses the library on a daily basis and we love it! Not to mention the customer service is outstanding.

  73. Scott Brady says:

    That was cool… I really liked the Shark Men track specifically.

    What an assortment of high-end drama enhancers!

  74. William Simpson says:

    Very nice. KTVE NBC 10/KARD FOX 14 loves Stephen Arnold Music.

  75. Marielis says:

    We’ve used the Vault quite a bit in my office. It never disappoints when we need the perfect track for one of our projects, and this demo reel definitely shows why.

  76. Jayson Maker says:


  77. Gary Wordlaw says:

    I have the Vault and love it. I won the guitar in Baltimore but had stepped out to take the wife to dinner, bummer! It went to someone else. The moral of this story is, bring your wife with you!

  78. James Bartone says:

    Sounds great as always.

  79. TOM STONEMAN says:

    Awesome addition!

  80. Andy Pederson says:

    Stephen Arnold Music always has fantastic tracks, & their people are great to work with.

  81. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Great variety.

  82. Matthew Damore says:

    LOVE SAM! You guys are the BEST!

  83. John Fawcett says:

    LOVE the Vault, Hi Noelle

  84. Brent Ayres says:

    Wow. I wish I had this library!

  85. Justin Freiman says:

    Great stuff. The music goes really well with the images and messages.

  86. Dan Schillinger says:

    As always, SA is the best in the business.
    But, speaking of business, let’s get down to it:
    I need this guitar.

  87. Brandon McElroy says:

    Sounds great guys! Keep up the good work.

  88. Daniel Stark says:


  89. Robert Griffith says:

    Great music

  90. Brian Bledsoe says:

    One library to rule them all, one library to find them, One library to bring them all and in the branding bind them.

    -Not J.R.R. Tolkien

  91. Dave Brubaker says:

    Great reel.I’m feeling lucky!

  92. David Shearer says:

    You guys continue to impress.

  93. Benny Christensen says:

    Great sounding music and a great variety of styles!!!

  94. Pete Nikiel says:

    You guys kick ass!

  95. Brent Struense says:

    I have had the Vault at previous TV stations. It is an awesome library. There is a major difference between SAM produced music solutions and all the other music providers: it’s in the hearing! All you have to do is listen to their sound and compare it to any other library of image producing vehicle. You will hear the difference immediately!! NO other music solutions company has the dynamic sound of SAM. I do not know what magicians or magic sauce that Stephen has in his studio, but it makes a significant difference.

  96. Randy Stone says:

    Great Stuff!

  97. Ellen T says:

    Sounds great!

  98. Dave Medley says:

    Love it… always fresh, catchy, and memorable music from the great folks at Stephen Arnold!

  99. Steve Denari says:

    That is a lot of music!

  100. Tim Sturgess says:

    Great work! Someday I NEED to win a guitar!!!

  101. Gary Darling says:

    love the movie soundtrackishness sound of it all… BIG BIG BIG!!