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SA at station summit

Station Summit 2013

We’re back (and well-rested) after a fantastic Promax Station Summit 2013. The conference was better than ever… and Vegas was hotter than ever! We saw all the usual suspects as well as some new faces with the addition of FPEC and our Telemundo amigos. Congrats to all the Promax Silver and Gold winners! We’re elated to have won a Gold for our music/image campaign This Is The Place. Congrats to […]

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SAM Sonic Branding vinyl

Vinyl – It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

The funeral for vinyl records was held thirty years ago, but something of a resurrection is under way and we here at Stephen Arnold Music know why. Nothing sounds like vinyl. An analog recording has a quality, a warmth and expansiveness, that digital just can’t equal. For those of you too young to remember what it’s like to drop a needle on a record, it’s hard to explain how it […]

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