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Golf Channel – Playing Lessons

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We had a lot of fun creating an upbeat sonic brand and music package for the new season of Golf Channel’s hit series Playing Lessons.

The directive was to create a lively and playful soundtrack built on a driving pace that would underscore edited video and graphics.  Golf Channel wanted a strong, organic music logo to anchor the package, so we came up with a four-note hook.  The music incorporates acoustic guitars, a catchy bass line, drums, and some unexpected musical flourishes and sound textures.

The new music will be used for the show open, teases, and various IDs throughout the show, as well as for promotions.

Playing Lessons, hosted by Brandel Chamblee, features some of the world’s top touring professionals talking through a round of golf with celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment. During each episode, the pro discusses strategy, course management, shot selection and a variety of tips, as well as the featured celebrity’s career highlights. New episodes are airing on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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  1. hellena sardo says:

    there is beautiful piano music when the commentators go to commercials,between plays.can you tell me the composer and name

    • Clay says:

      While we composed the show’s main theme, it’s likely they are using production music to supplement our music. This piano piece is probably from a music library.