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Amp up Your Image – Guitar Giveaway!


UPDATE: We have our winner! Watch the drawing here »

We’re REALLY excited about our newest image campaigns, and our “Amp Up Your Image” Guitar Giveaway! Just watch some of our latest image songs, leave a comment on the blog, and you’re automatically entered to win this stunning guitar/amp combo with a gig bag!

Our prize guitar is Fender’s new dynamic Acoustasonic Player Telecaster. Is it electric? Is it acoustic? It’s BOTH, with some lush, digital presets built right into the guitar. Plus, we’re combining it with the today’s hottest little practice amp, the Positive Grid Mini Spark. It runs on a powerful rechargeable battery, and connects with your smartphone or tablet for an almost unlimited array of sounds and features. You’ve NEVER heard a small amp sound like THIS! And, it’s an astounding Bluetooth speaker.

So watch the spots, leave a comment below to enter, and let’s Amp Up Your Image!

LA’s Very Own
We Love Florida
I Am Austin
Home is Las Vegas

Good luck and thanks for watching our new image campaigns!

Drawing to be held online Friday, Sept. 30, 2022 at 3 p.m. CT/5 p.m. ET.
Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Dan Perretta says:

    NEWS10 ABC
    Beautiful job on the KTLA music! Amazing work!

  2. Jeff Pitner says:

    It’s all top-notch. Great music and great people.

  3. Matthew Damore says:

    KTLA Killer Creative!

  4. Brian Wiley says:

    Great Work Everyone! We love being partners with SAM in Grand Junction, CO.

  5. Mac Mahaffee says:

    Great spots, and custom songs, all around! Great use of nat sound in the LA promo. Really like the Vegas campaign. The music feels like we’re on a journey and chorus helps make it feel like a community taking part in the promo.

  6. Jeremy Tucker says:

    I like LA’s Very Own and We Love Florida the most. Very good sonic branding!

  7. Ben Mulholland says:

    WOW! Pure talent, you guys! I’m always happy with the content you produce and am jealous of your abilities. Please feel free to share these successes more often. And tell Jesus he’s too handsome to hide behind music editing software all day!

  8. Wes Pollard says:

    I love the variety. Very cool to mix in nats on the LA’s Very Own campaign.

  9. Chris Hussey says:

    You guys really have some of the best music out there. I had the Vault for years and loved it. And one of the things I appreciated the most was your ability to work with stations on the special AV packages. Because I’m one of those promo directors that absolutely abhors “full sing” versions of songs/campaigns, and you were very accommodating in providing the instrumental versions only, and as expected, the spots turned out great!

  10. Westin Hacker says:

    You know a promo is good if it makes me want to go to Florida.

    These are some nice promos!

  11. Travis Dent says:

    All great campaigns! I love working with SAM.

  12. John Fawcett says:

    WOWK 13
    Great as always, It is a pleasure to work with you all.

  13. ARTHUR SHIPP says:

    Excellent! I like them all

  14. Ryan Speer says:

    Great stuff (as always). Thanks SAM!

  15. Grant Newkirk says:

    KAIT / Gray TV
    Good stuff! Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes its best to have lyrics speak for you instead of VO!

  16. Adam DePaul says:

    Original music REALLY makes a difference! These all feel like anthems, but I’m kind of partial to “We Love Florida” for some strange reason…

  17. Chad Larsen says:

    KSL-TV Salt Lake City, Utah
    All great stuff! I like the Florida song and promo the best. Great pacing and feel 🙂

  18. chuck spruill says:

    I remember working with you guys in the early 90s when you were across from the Mary Kay HQs…and this summer we just finished another custom sing…always have been the best in the Biz!!

  19. Vas Mountzouros says:

    I love how different the tone in each piece is. Very reflective of each market. I particularly like Austin. Also, the 29th is my birthday- this would be amazing to win.

  20. vincent conti says:

    Nexstar Media Group-Nashville Design Center
    So nice – huge fan of Home is Las Vegas!

  21. Cliff Bennett says:

    Gray Television
    I’m digging the lyrics and music. Austin & Vegas stand out for me. Speaking of Vegas, was great meeting & hanging with the gentlemen at Promax this year. Thanks for letting me sit in with you guys at the afterparty!

  22. Aaron Rice says:

    I’ve NEVER EVER been disappointed by anything from Stephen Arnold’s amazing team. Everything they do is top-notch, and those four videos are just small examples of that.

  23. Peter Odvarka says:

    Gray Television
    Wow, all of those came together really well! Very upbeat and exciting, plus catchy lyrics. The Vegas campaign is my favorite. Nice work!


    I’m definitely going to have these stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

  25. James Bartone says:

    WPRI 12 News
    Great looking – and sounding – spots! Always excellent work!

  26. Tad Frank says:

    WALA FOX10
    The unique tempo and fit of visual approach to LA’s Very Own stands out to me as does the tempo and especially visuals of the We Love Florida campaign.

  27. Terry Kowalski says:

    WROC-TV | Nexstar Media Inc.
    SAM. Simply the BEST in the biz!

  28. Parker Harms says:

    Thanks for making broadcast sound so good all these years!

  29. Jerome Risting says:

    Awesome job as always – Love it

  30. Christina says:

    These are all great! My favorite is KTLA

  31. John Kim says:

    Good job. LA and Las Vegas are solid. Those spots and music bed are what I’d be drawn to if I were tasked with an image campaign of our own.

  32. Bill Case says:

    Like them all – love the Las Vegas version. Very catchy!

  33. Kevin Kalvitis says:

    WHEC-TV (News10NBC)
    Nice work. Seemed to nail the tone of each city. They also don’t feel dated… the Las Vegas track reminds me of Mumford and Sons.

  34. Mike Cunningham says:

    These all feel great! They make me want to visit LA, Florida, Austin & Vegas! I especially liked the lyric “We’re all somehow connected, like the words to some great song,” from LA’s Very Own. Nice work as always!

  35. Steve Clark says:

    Nice work. They all sounded very contemporary. A good variety of moods. Great arrangements!

  36. Mike Rajewski says:

    Wow, really impressive. Liked them all but favorites are LA & LV.

  37. Dan Cates says:

    Nice! Top shelf.

  38. Rob Anderson says:

    Well done all. Great work as always.

  39. Chad Cook says:

    Stephen Arnold Music
    Our team at SAM is excited to see all the great comments! Thanks for taking the time to check out our latest image campaigns!!

  40. Tim Smith says:

    KTAB/KRBC Abilene, TX
    Oh my goodness, those are so good! Home is Las Vegas is a song I’d listen to driving in the car. SAM always knocks it out of the park with their music.

  41. Jeremy Chaney says:

    WJRT ABC12
    Love the Florida song

  42. Jeremy Moore says:

    ‘LA’s Very Own’ has got to be one of the best that I’ve heard in awhile! Instantly hooked!!!

  43. Eric Hultz says:

    These are great, upbeat, and uplifting. Good Job!

  44. Daniele Feenstra says:

    KCAU-TV in Sioux City, Iowa
    I really connected to the We Love Florida campaign. That kept me engaged through the whole spot and had great energy. I struggled with the I Am Austin as it was a repeat over and over. I was expecting to hear more things about Austin or the news team. I saw it visually, but there wasn’t a match with the audio. Home is Las Vegas was my second favorite. That spot also kept me engaged. I’m wondering if viewers enjoy see more video of viewers than they do seeing the anchors? Is this a trend to show less anchors and more people? Overall, the music sounds wonderful. Some spots had better lyrics that kept me engaged. All the stations did stellar in their video adaptation of the lyrics provided. All in all…they are all great spots.

  45. Paul Farmer says:

    All good and all different. Nice job SAM

  46. Anna Giza says:

    Nice work on all the campaigns. I love the line in Home is Las Vegas, “Together, we bring out the best in us.” The lyrics in LA’s Very Own are perfect for a station anniversary.

  47. Pete George says:

    Like the Austin one

  48. Nate Godwin says:

    KAYU Spokane
    Inpirational, I’m on board the ‘I am…’ train! I am on board, oooh ooooh.

  49. Dan Coyle says:

    E.W. Scripps
    Great job SAM team and kudos to the creative teams at these stations!

  50. Shawn Dickerman says:

    SAM captures “all the feels” perfectly through music for these viewing areas. And very adaptable!

  51. Charles Lin says:


  52. David Shearer says:

    SAM setting the standard for everyone to follow!

  53. Sean P. Dixon says:

    As usual, incredible work from Stephen Arnold Music!!

  54. Nick Schneider says:

    These all look great as usual!

  55. Kathi Albahrani says:

    WFFT-TV FOX 55
    LOVE all of these! Definitely will be looking into getting my market a customized version like these. The vibe on all of these are so warm and genuine. Music is so powerful and Stephen Arnold Music always delivers the best!

  56. Ed Trauschke says:

    CBS 17
    I am Austin is my favorite. Upbeat but also uplifting.

  57. Jennifer Janvrin says:

    LOVE the I am Austin campaign. Can see us using that one!!!

  58. Jake Conley says:

    These are great – definitely adds a unique personalization to each spot!

  59. Mark Kammerich says:

    NPG of Missouri
    Good storytelling in the #WeLoveFlorida.

  60. Jared Morrison says:

    4 very different approaches. Wonderful job as always.

  61. Dixon Johnston says:

    Great work by everyone involved! I’ve already reached out about how to customize one of these for my market.

  62. Aaron Lair says:

    How fun are these! Especially love “Home is Las Vegas”. Hyperlocal themes really drive up authenticity.

  63. Alan Balzer says:

    KMVU FOX26
    Once again Stephen Arnold Music comes through with the “Best in the Industry” image campaigns. SAM is exceptional at creating and enhancing a mood. Top notch music that is perfect to pair with image video. The thing I liked most about these examples is how successful they are at creating a community feeling. Good work, as always.

  64. Mary Borger says:

    Draper Media
    Excellent work. I especially like the upbeat music of the Florida campaign.

  65. Richard Eairheart says:

    I like Austin because it seems less “Filmy/Cinematic” and more tangible and the music matched it perfectly.
    I liked Las Vegas as well for the same reasons. All the music and video were outstanding though. Tipping my hat to y’all and the video producers on all of those..

  66. carly munoz says:

    WOOD TV8
    I love the “we’ve got sunshine in our souls,” line! nailed it!

  67. Chris Watson says:

    Always awesome quality with your tracks, really like the Vegas one.
    Looking forward to news music the first of the year with you guys hopefully.