Graphic of Human Versus Machine AI music experiment

Human Versus Machine

A Stephen Arnold Music and SoundOut Collaboration

This whitepaper is an objective analysis of the current state of Gen AI music composition, emotional accuracy, and commercial implications for brands.

This project was a collaboration between Stephen Arnold Music (SAM), The World Leader in Sonic Branding® and SoundOut, The World Leader in Sonic Testing — both proponents of the science of sound and its role in marketing and branding.

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The Experiment

SAM and SoundOut sought to measure the current capabilities of Gen AI music composition based on emotional accuracy, appeal, and commercial-readiness for brands. Two tests were conducted, the first of which examined the emotional accuracy of 20 AI-produced songs to specific creative briefs. The second test examined consumer appeal and emotional response to music created by AI versus human composers.

The following tracks were created for Test 2 using the creative brief: Somber and emotive song in the key of F#m with an inspirational resolve and core instrumentation of piano, strings, guitar, and vocals.

Download our Human Versus Machine White Paper to view the data behind these music tracks.

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