Case Study: Attractions Technology Lab

Attractions Technology Lab (ATL)

Experiential Sound

In just 8 short weeks, SAM was asked to create the music and sound for a fully immersive cyberpunk world including a dark ride, sensory technology experience, ride queues, vendor gallery, and social spaces.

Attractions Technology Lab (ATL) is a week-long immersive experience that takes place each year in Orlando, FL showcasing the latest innovations in themed entertainment. Clientele include top creatives and producers from leading entertainment companies including Disney and Universal Studios.

SAM created original music, sound effects, and atmospheric audio to support the cyberpunk world of ATL while helping to move visitors throughout the experience. In addition to the 8-week timeframe, SAM’s solution had to integrate into an open warehouse floor plan with limited audio separation.

“We were so happy to have SAM join the ATL. Their powerhouse team crafted immersive spatial audio environments that seamlessly integrated into our different zones with impactful music. A top recommendation for any venture seeking excellence in both technical innovation and musical brilliance.”

★★★★★ Larry Howard, VP Business Development, Quince Imaging

“Collaborating with the SAM team was a true pleasure. Their commitment to excellence and ability to quickly grasp our vibe significantly elevated our event and overall guest experience. They are experts in their craft and created an atmosphere far exceeding our expectations. The entire group behind the Attractions Technology Collaborative is grateful for their partnership.”

★★★★★ JLoren Barrows, Chief Operating Officer, Alcorn McBride

SAM created a seamless audio experience and controlled noise bleed by developing 7 unique audio zones each timed to a master loop. Each zone was highlighted by different musical elements and instrumentation, all scored to a constant theme. This gave each zone a distinct feel, while creating natural transitions. SAM further used HOLOPLOT audio beams — featured in Sphere, Las Vegas — to add unique sonic “easter eggs” as visitors moved throughout the space. Finally, SAM worked with Alcorn McBride and Theme Park AV to automatically lower audio volume in adjacent spaces while rides were in progress.

It all added up to over 230 tracks, 52 minutes of music, and 1 thrilling cyberpunk adventure.