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Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music branding company servicing television networks, cable channels, TV stations, digital media outlets, production companies and advertising agencies globally. Our catalog is prolific and versatile, with thousands of our compositions being heard on the air, online and on mobile right now. We are The World Leader in Sonic Branding®.

Sonic Branding

It’s the John Hancock of Music, the aural equivalent of your graphic logo that taps into one of the brain’s most powerful memory senses – sound.

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Recent Projects

Golf Channel/NBC ANWA Tournament Theme

Golf Channel/NBC ANWA Tournament Theme

CGTN International Promo “Across and Anywhere”

CGTN International Promo “Across and Anywhere”

HLN: Very Scary People

HLN: Very Scary People

MLB “The Show 18” – Sony Interactive

MLB “The Show 18” – Sony Interactive

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Sonic Branding client solutions

The Company We Keep – Sonic Branding Roundup 2018

2018 was certainly a year to remember. The frenetic news cycle was off the charts. We worked non-stop last year to help our national and international clients be heard, remembered and stand…

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Sonic Branding Mistake

5 Biggest Sonic Branding Mistakes

Most of us know what big companies look like. They’ve spent millions of dollars on market research, focus groups, graphics designers, social media and televisions spots. Some of these comp…

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Watching 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

Did You “Hear” the Super Bowl?

OK, some say it was the worst Super Bowl of all time. Certainly, if you love a defensive struggle, the 2019 contest was fascinating. But the lack of scoring meant for few thrills for the cas…

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The Vault New Releases

AR009 Trapped!
The Drama EP
COM147 Natural World
AU023 Current Affairs: Marimba Stories
Tom Freund Vol 3
Christopher Holt Vol 2
AU019 Reality TV: Light Tension
Murder Takes Two - Painkiller
PMOL 180 Blockbuster Animation
PMOL 170 Dark Report

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