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How to Take “Waking Up My Day” to a NEW Level!

The promo geniuses at WJLA in Washington D.C., Stan Melton and Bonnie Wood, needed a sure-fire idea to promote ABC’s “American Idol,” premiering on their station this fall. And sitting on their desks were some valuable “front of the line” passes from the network to use at an upcoming local audition for the show. It made sense to them to conduct some sort of singing contest to win these tickets, but the music rights fees to any songs their viewers might choose were prohibitive.

“We were trying to figure out a way to get around the music rights,” said Wood, “but we thought, well, we have a license to this music of our own. Why don’t we ask viewers to sing our theme song and submit a video?” And that theme song happening to be their custom version of the Waking Up My Day campaign, produced for them by Stephen Arnold Music.

WJLA has been using Waking Up My Day since 2015, creating custom lyrics to promote Good Morning Washington, and also NewsChannel 8, the station’s regional news channel. So they realized that their viewers were already familiar with this catchy campaign. What better way for them to audition for the tickets than to sing it on camera?

Yup. That’s brilliant.

They solicited for entries on the air, and selected the top five auditions to win the tickets from an internal committee selected from station employees. Not only did they promote the premiere of American Idol, they created more marketing “glue” for their station music image campaign. We call that successful “two-fer!”

“Because we couldn’t play just them singing anything on our station,” said Melton, “we were able to showcase them on the station. We were also able to showcase them online and then Monday through Friday the week after we had made the announcement. Each day, one of them came on the show and sang.”

We at SAM hereby salute WJLA for the most creative use of a Stephen Arnold Music branded campaign. And we KNOW that there are more good ideas out there – so put on your thinking caps – and get inspired by Stan and Bonnie’s BIG idea!

The station also arranged their entertainment reporter to surprise all of them with the passes.

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