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Slash Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Guitar Launch – London


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  1. goodnoize42 says:

    Slash is an old school les paul with a marshall kind of guy. I would guess that he really does not use rack guitar effects as much as he likes his good old fashioned analog pedals like pro co rat, boss ds distortion 1 and dunlop crybaby wah. He probably prefers recorded tracks on tape rather than digital. Slash can have any equipment he wants but he knows that the good old fashioned 80s metal hard rock sound was founded on marshall heads, 4 12 cabs and analog pedals. Good job Slash! You and Joe Perry are my favorite old school guitarists! The guitar solos that both of you play have meaning, and they speak to the listener! They also require a great deal of skill and technique to play, they don’t sound like a bunch of useless notes flying everywhere like a death metal guitarist’s lead solo! You guys are REAL electric guitar players, THANK YOU for keeping the good music alive! And let’s not forget ACE FREHLEY either!

    • Whitney says:

      Thanks goodnoize42! We certainly have a few closet Kiss Army members at SAM ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally agree with you on Slash’s gear, all analog, buzz’s and all! Great to see the evolution of the electric guitar: from Les Paul’s original concept model, to Slash and Ace Frehley to Billie Joe of Green Day. Keep on rockin goodnoize42!

      • goodnoize42 says:

        From goodnoize42–thanks whitney! I will keep on rockin! I am 50 now and I am still a die hard 8o’s metal player. I own the whole marshall jcm head collection, 800, 900, and dsl 2000, from the years they were released, they’re not reissues. Also peavey 5150 mesa rectifier, and about nine other 100 watt amp heads, and the 4 12 cabs that go with them. To this day i have 35 floyd rose guitars, mostly early kramers, ibaneze’s and jacksons and some newer ones from the 90’s and 2000 eras like esps and schecters. I hate stratocasters but I like les Pauls. I do not have a gibson les paul but I do own two epiphone les pauls with floyd rose whammys in them.They are called Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop f/x’s. And I have one in vintage sunburst and one in cherry sunburst, because ace frehley played a cherry sunburst les paul in the 7o’s.. Ever heard Eruption played on a Les Paul? I also own a-hundred and fifty analog and digital pedals from the 70’s to the present, including 25 japanese made boss pedals. And even though I have several digital multitrack recorders, my best work comes from my 1988 8 track cassette Tascam 688 midistudio. Tape just sounds nicer when the recorded tracks are played back and digital lacks that analog sound. I still like to play my 33 lp records on my old 80s pioneer turntable and also listen to my cassettes and 8 track tapes from back in the day, even though I have a huge cd collection. I play electric guitar, electric bass, nine pedal steel guitar, analog and digital synthesizers, (such as moog voyager and roland jupiter 8), and I play banjo, accordian and fiddle, but no drums and no horns. I own all these instruments and much more too. I have been buying gear of all kinds for 33 years. My sister worked at EMI records for nine years and got me all kinds of collectors items and autographs from rock stars and famous musicians. I eat, sleep, and drink music! TAKE CARE!