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Every year, around this time, we start to reflect, think about what we are thankful for and what matters most.

I remember when Carol and I first got married, she was getting her masters in Special Ed and her thesis was on autism. We kept 5 autistic boys in our home for a year! Those were such hard times, but great times and so rewarding… it made me realize and prioritize what’s really important.

With that in mind, here’s a great track accompanying an even a better message (at least until the advertisers plug… Oops–did I say that?).

I love the way the space in this acoustic guitar piece allows room for the mother’s voiceover to weave in and out and complement her sense of loving acceptance and hope.  The hallelujah vocals provide a subtle touch that drives the comforting feeling of this piece home.

What matters most to you?

— SA

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