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Get Ready to Know the Most Heard, Least Known Composers in the World

After a few months trying to figure out the point of adding another blog to the infinite Internet abyss of insignificant anecdotes, we at Stephen Arnold Music finally decided to put down our guitars and take up the pen. Or rather, the keyboard. And more specifically, the typing keyboard, not the musical one.

The typical questions were prevalent at first: what should we write about? Who will write it? What will make it interesting? It did not take long before we realized that the most important, and certainly the most interesting parts of our day relate to the company itself.

It all began with a man named Stephen Arnold, a man about whom you likely know very little – that is, other than the fact that that man’s name is Stephen Arnold. It is for this reason, he has been lauded “the most heard, least known composer in America.”

A bird’s eye view of Dallas’ outskirts would reveal our idyllic studio, nestled in the trees on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary. Stephen typically spends the better part of his week here in a multitasking frenzy; he juggles projects between guitars, computers, phone calls, grandchildren and, when his livestock saunters across the studio driveway, the occasional improvised cattle drive. At the end of the week, or earlier, depending on the stress level, he pours a characteristic glass of Vodka on the rocks, braces his large frame against the kitchen counter, and begins to unwind.

This is always entertaining because when Stephen unwinds, he tells stories. And Stephen Arnold has more stories than a 16-year-old caught out past curfew.

He began chasing the music dream along the West Coast in a derelict minivan and eventually found himself hosting penthouse parties for Television personalities in Time Square. Of course, this transformation didn’t happen overnight; his road to success has been a long one, and he learned some important lessons along the way. He also wrote, recorded and produced more catchy tunes than you can shake a stick at.

Still, he would be the first to tell you, he couldn’t have done it alone. The SAM team is a tight one, even family-like, and many important lessons were learned in tandem – something I closely observed when I first began to work here. Each member, old or new, cherishes a number of stories that encompass the company’s collective memory. It is this memory and the related insight that we hope to bring to light.

So, what will follow are tales about the odyssey of Stephen Arnold Music, straight from the horse’s mouth. You may learn some tips and tricks about our industry and trade that you never knew, but most of all, we hope you enjoy the read, and just as we often do, walk away smiling.

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