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Think about how much your life has changed in the last 15 years. You wanted to take a picture, you used your camera. You wanted to add up some numbers, you used your calculator. You wanted to send a message, you’d sit down at your computer – and so on and so forth. Now, ALL of those features and more sit in your purse or your pocket – on a single device. Oh yeah – and any time you have a question about ANYTHING, you search it on Google. In fact, the entire accumulated knowledge of civilization is available to you in the palm of your hand!

That’s incredible power. And news viewers have the same device in their pockets, using it the same way you do. Hopefully, many of them have your news and/or weather apps on their phones as well. Staying “in the game” with your local news and weather brands is critical to current and future success in the local news business. The question is: how do you make your audience loyal to YOUR products and services?

It’s really all about your brand – that “emotional glue” that makes your customers and viewers fiercely loyal to your company. And your brand really isn’t about what YOU think it is … it’s what your CUSTOMERS think it is. Companies that just constantly tout their product attributes and advantages to consumers really aren’t building their brand. Instead, smart advertisers reflect back to their customers the feelings of satisfaction they have when they use the product or service.

It’s the same thing with your social/digital services at your TV station. When marketing that brand, it’s critical that you reflect back how satisfied and emotionally fulfilled your viewers/users are when they use your app or website. Your messaging must be viewer-centric, not station-centric.

Good news! There IS a magic bullet: MUSIC is the fastest and most effective way to tap into these emotions. A memorable, emotive song will trigger an emotional response MUCH faster than a picture or copy. In fact, it only takes .05 seconds for a sound to reach the brain. That’s slightly faster than touch, and 4 times faster than sight and smell! We call this powerful connection Sonic Branding. And it’s why an image brand campaign like Everywhere I Go, from Stephen Arnold Music, can almost magically transform your brand in the minds of your users.

NEW Song 2, :30 – Sample Spot
NEW Song 2, :30 – Template – Guitar Version

The lyrics are written from the viewer’s perspective, allowing them to re-experience the feelings of security and preparedness when they know that they’re connected with your local news and weather anywhere, any time, and any way they want it. As a local news content provider, it’s essential to develop this brand relationship to ensure your future success. And since the package includes much relevant, high-quality imagery already, it’s easy and inexpensive to customize it with your local scenes and personalities. Everywhere I Go, with its brand NEW song and fresh vocals, has already proven to be a ratings winner in more than 50 markets.

Song 1, KOMO Seattle, Custom Lyrics

Song 1, WKBW Buffalo

It’s hard enough to keep up with the daily load of promotional and commercial spots promoting your station and your clients. So it only makes sense to invest in that key social/digital relationship with your viewers with an affordable, highly effective, turn-key image campaign. Let’s face it. The volume and speed of social interaction and digital information will only increase. Everywhere I Go addresses this in an upbeat, memorable and strategic way that will resonate profoundly with your audience, and puts the power of Sonic Branding to work for you!

Song 2, Full Length
Song 2, Guitar Version – Full Length

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