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As If Five Guitars Weren’t Enough!

Fender Road Worn Guitars

UPDATE:  And the winners are . . .

Well, we’re doing it again.  We’ve got four more guitars going out to some soon to be very lucky people.

If you’re going to PROMAX this year, be sure to stop by our second-floor booth each day (Tuesday thru Thursday) to register for a chance to win.  The Tuesday drawing will be at 6pm.  The Wednesday & Thursday drawings will be at 4:45pm.

And as you may have guessed, we’re doing another online giveaway for a fourth guitar.  As before, just leave a comment on this post, and you’re entered.

Stay tuned here for details and updates.

Click here for contest rules.

Note: This is a “sticky” post.  New posts will appear below it.  Comments are now closed; drawing will be held at 1:00PM.

  1. J. Oyer Tomas says:

    I’ve been looking to trade in this air guitar.

  2. Berry says:

    I want to play the guitar and beatbox like this guy…

  3. Katrina says:

    Would love to win!

  4. Nancy says:

    Loved your promo guy walking around at Promax…!

  5. Marlena says:

    sweet guitar!

  6. Julie says:

    My son wants to learn to play, so this one’s for him. Thanks!!

  7. Pauline says:

    Thanks for the online entry! This should would make my summer more interesting. I might actually get to retire ole “Romeo” rightfully named so because the previous owner actually carved the word “Romeo” into the neck. I rescued it one late night/ early morning many years ago after seeing it abandoned and stringless on a lonely sidewalk on the lower east side. I often imagined some poor soul serenading his beloved, and after getting no response and feeling rejected and disheartened, tossing it away along with his pain.

  8. Ali says:

    I’d love to bring my rock band hand to real life!

  9. It was an awesome giveaway. Everyone who won seemed to be standing right next to the guitar like they knew they were going to be taking it home. PLEASE Turn me into a ROCKSTAR!! I’m lucky I’m lucky I win guitars online!!:-)

  10. Grace says:

    Hope I win!

  11. Bill Olivari says:

    some things just get cooler with age…

  12. Theresa says:

    I need it! Please?

  13. David Mays says:

    Thanks for providing the inspirational music to make our ad copy sizzle.

  14. Ben says:

    Does it work with Guitar Hero?

  15. My daughter has a Daisy Rock, my son needs a Fender…

  16. Glenn Kesner says:

    Not as much fun as waiting to win a guitar near the escalator’s at Promax, but a great post-convention treat. Thanks for one of the things to look forward to this year.

  17. I’ve got a Fender P-Bass, but it’s lonely!
    It needs a guitar playmate!

  18. i wanna rock!

    not like twisted sister, mind you. more like david gilmour…

    good luck to me!

  19. Molly says:

    I love Promax and REALLY would love this guitar

  20. Lindsay says:

    This rocks!

  21. Mia Regalado says:

    There’s still a chance? Those guitars looked so tasty at the convention… they were screaming to come home with me.

  22. One of those guitars would be the Pride & Joy of any collection.
    (from the way things went at promax, it’s the white 60’s model isn’t it?… a very Sweet Little Thang, for sure!!!)

    Thanks to the folks at SAM for adding some extra excitement to the festivities last week.

  23. Francisca Hu says:

    Gotta win this for my boss!

  24. Joe says:


  25. Dave Falcone says:

    Road worn guitars, an interesting concept. Like some fashions I guess. Its a look that implies you’ve gone the distance and know the drill. Without of course going the distance or knowing the drill. An interesting comment on todays society maybe. Hot guitars though and I’ll be lucky to win one…!

  26. Sean McLaughlin says:

    This would really change my AIR GUITAR game into something a lot more entertaining for everyone.

    Pick me.

  27. Paul S says:

    Need a new ax!

  28. AND… if I win that guitar I will make a model in Second Life (or my son will beat me to it) + play. BTW you could IM me + come over + play with your own digital copy.

    How is that for a good marketing idea for you???

  29. Joi Wu says:

    gotta win gotta win

  30. Allison Mitchell says:

    Producers need to have creative outlets. This would help immensely!!!!!!!!

  31. Celia Siegel says:

    You guys are awesome and a whole lotta fun to boot. I will start working on my Stephen Arnold anthem to perform at Promax next year in LA. There’s a beach party right? Have a great year!

  32. Your music rocks!

  33. Matthew Kennedy says:

    I’m feeling pretty road worn, maybe I need a guitar to match.
    Sorry i missed you at the con.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Come on Karma…..Mommy needs a guitar!

  35. Diana Dixon says:

    crossing my fingers 🙂

  36. Mark C says:

    Missed the Promax conference this year. Looking forward to next year. Would love a chance to win a guitar!
    Thanks Stephen.

  37. I don’t need your guitar.
    But I really really WANT it!
    Guitar please.

  38. Nishad says:

    Totally cool guitars! Thanks Promax.

  39. KJ Strauss says:

    My son plays drums and I play acoustic……..a Fender would be an awesome addition to the mix……….

    you guys rock!!!!!!!!

  40. marcelle says:

    on the edge of seventeen while my guitar gently weeps

  41. Steve says:

    Pick me!!!! I need a new guitar!!!! This is my last chance!!!

  42. What an incredible group of guitars. We would love to win one here at Lava Studio

  43. Stephen Hill says:

    Love that music!

  44. Tom Hill says:

    Feelin’ lucky

  45. Patrick Young says:

    The odds were in my favor, I had ’em five to one
    When that Strat to Win came round the track
    Sure enough I had won.

    Up on Cripple Creek, wishful thinkingly yours,
    Patrick Young

  46. Dale Lanier says:

    Pick me! If I win I’ll take guitar lessons!

  47. Carlos Cuevas says:

    I’m pretty unlucky at winning anything, but hell, let’s try!

  48. John Rice says:

    Glad to see the tradition continues…hope you had a good Promax.

  49. rob says:

    Crossing my fingers…thanks!


  50. Jennifer says:

    Agree with Melissa, that guitar guy was awesome!

  51. This would be an amazing birthday present for my boyfriend!

  52. Joe Revello says:

    I have a 14 year old who wants to be the next Slash. Let’s make it happen.

  53. Heather says:

    I would love to learn to play!

  54. I met you all at the last Promax convention I attended, but missed this year’s gathering because of a family event taking place at the same time. Had I been there, I would have told you once again how much I admire both your music and your business…and then dropped to one knee to beg for a chance at one of those guitars! Thanks for the opportunity to do both, virtually!

  55. Melissa says:

    The dude carrying the guitar at the show rocked!!!

  56. Tracy Kusler says:

    My husband needs a new guitar!

  57. Julianna says:

    I need this guitar in my life!!!! Wuuuuu huuuuuu!!!!

  58. If I win this guitar, you will be my favorite, most top-of-mind music house ever!

  59. Samantha Hunter says:

    Ready? OK!

  60. Matt Neary says:

    I am a guitar god.

  61. Daniel says:

    I need this axe!!!

  62. Lance Marxen says:

    Yeah, i could use one!

  63. Gina Womack says:

    I would love to win a guitar! Please enter my name in the drawing.

  64. Linda says:

    I love the mailing you sent out recently with the Stratocaster!

  65. I NEED that Guitar! For lots of important reasons!

  66. Tim Nolan says:

    I would like to win this guitar.
    Thank you,

  67. My 12 year old would love to graduate to one of these guitars. If I win, you will have to sell me the amp!

  68. Matt Neary says:

    I am a Guitar Hero.

  69. Jerry says:

    Just when you are about to give up guitar playing, they suck you back in.

  70. Frank N says:

    You guys come up with some really cool promotions.

  71. NF 117 says:

    I’ve had enough of Guitar Hero – I need to learn how to play the real thing. PRETTY PLEASE, PLEASE pick me!
    I want to spend my summer taking guitar lessons… and making promos.

  72. JoanneJ780 says:

    Do you have any lefties? Really hard to find….

  73. Anthony says:


  74. Michael Wolfe says:

    Only 230 entries! it’s gotta be me!

  75. Dan Coyle says:

    Guys – thanks for doing this for those of us not at Promax. One of these Fenders would look great alongside my Carvin, Charvel, and Steinberger. I wish myself luck!

  76. Kathy says:

    No whammies!

  77. Mr. Mike says:

    I need a new fender, my car got rear-ended last week.

  78. Dan Williams says:

    I have a Fender, but I could always use another.

  79. and there was much rejoicing

  80. brentcolorado says:


  81. Ron Strom says:

    Entering with eyes, fingers and toes crossed.

  82. Stephanie Krueger says:

    Sign me up for a chance to win 🙂 Sweet and sorry to have missed the BDA/Promax fun!

  83. Now–wouldn’t that be a kick butt prize to give away for November sweeps??

  84. Jen Ferguson says:

    I want to win so bad! Please pick me!

  85. renzy says:

    if i win the guitar, will you teach me how to play it?

  86. Jason Bednar says:

    Didn’t win the first three…perhaps fourth time’s a charm.

  87. We use composers. How’s that for a platform to run on?
    Come on snake eyes!!

  88. andy says:

    Is it left-handed?

  89. Elaine King says:

    I would love to add guitar playing to my music arsenal.

  90. Dibakar says:

    Send me a guitar and I’ll sing you a song.

  91. Alexis Ames says:

    Great line up this year! Attended many interesting and intriguing events/talks! Can’t wait for next year.

  92. I wasn’t able to attend Promax/BDA this year, so I missed the opportunity to drop off my name at your booth. Thanks for the online chance…maybe this is the year…

  93. Bill Kirschbaum says:

    If I winI’m going on tour!

  94. Steve Stone says:

    Yo! I just had a dream last night I was shredding power chords on-stage with Metallica! Would love the sweet axe you’re giving away!

  95. Hey guys!

    I miss Promax this year, but will be back in 2010.

    I hope everything went well.

  96. Matt Perreault says:

    I hope I win.
    Playing a real guitar is just like playing Guitar Hero right?

  97. Jennifer Gregory says:

    Thanks for the online option. It would be great to win a guitar!

  98. Christina says:

    Would love to win a guitar!

  99. Ben Fielder says:

    I WANNA ROCK! m/

  100. Phil Han says:

    Stephen Arnold Rules!

  101. Hey All–

    Didn’t make it to PROMAX this year, but those gee-tars are calling my name! Anyone hit the Extreme Music pool party??! I never get to go to anything fun 🙁 –but I hear our NY kidz threw a killer night. Would love to say that i missed the party but won a shiney new guitar!

    aka MusicKitty

  102. G. Whelan says:

    You are a very generous music company!

  103. Erin says:

    Please for to win a guitar.

  104. Katherine Smith says:

    Hope I can still enter! Had to sell my strat in graduate school and am electric guitarless now.

  105. steven says:

    finally, a chance to replace my daughter’s pink disney guitar with a real cool one.

  106. Looking forward to possibly-maybe-potentially winning an axe!!!

  107. Jim Hayek says:

    I am ready to receive! I promise to record a tune for you when I get the axe.

  108. Jim says:

    Sorry I missed this year. I hear it was an excellent event. See you next year!

  109. Christopher Mullen says:

    Sign me up to win.

  110. John Sid says:

    Nice of you guys to give out guitars. I’m still sorry I missed the session you did with America a few years back. Keep up the good work.


  111. I’m going for the last one!

  112. RLee says:

    PROMAX/BDA ROCKS! Rocks more with a free guitar!

  113. Mark Moffatt says:

    I’m sending winning thoughts your way.

  114. Am I too late? Winning one of these would be… Great!

  115. Melodie Eisenberg says:

    What’s a “Blog”?

  116. Aaron Vaughn says:

    Saw your guitar letter in our mail and decided to give it a shot. Woot!

  117. Hope Chance says:

    I want to win! (Who wouldn’t??)

  118. Gerry O'Dowd says:

    I love ANYTHING with a Fender name on it!

  119. Barry Aldridge says:

    i want to learn to play the guitar. a fender would be a good starter tool! Love Promax.

  120. Stan says:

    Always liked the music…always loved Fenders…Got a 1968 Fender Mustang…the electroncis havent worked well since the late 70’s (abuse on stage) …had it rebuilt once…still doesnt work…I sure need one of those strats….

  121. BJ Smith says:

    Great Promotion at Promax. Nice Library.

  122. Rob says:

    If I had one of those I could really shred.

  123. I love playing guitar almost as much as I like making documentaries about great guitar players and other musicians.

  124. Stan Melton says:

    Hey guys…so sorry I won’t be seeing y’all at PROMAX this year…one of us owes the other a shot or two of Crown Royal, so we’ll have to get together to catch up over a glass or three…hope all is well, and wish y’all a great convention!

  125. Howdy from a fellow Texan!

  126. I would like to enter 😀

  127. I like guitar. It would be better than my car. I could play and travel far. Then I could be a star.

  128. Coming up tonight at 10.
    It’s a story of survival as a young news topical producer wins a guitar and starts a band with his two best animal friends.
    How Whiplash the ‘dog-riding monkey’ and a skiing squirrel joined him and won ‘Battle of the Bands’ in Louisville.
    It’s tonight in a very special newscast at 10.

    P.S. I can play guitar hero…so I can probably play one of those…right?

  129. Tom Hebel says:

    It would sure beat playing my air guitar!!!!!!

  130. Mike House says:

    Thanks for the great music!

  131. Hey, Stephen! I was just cast as Roger in RENT here in Charleston, WV. One of these would be AWESOME, since I have to play a Fender guitar specifically onstage. love the fact that they’re road worn. Please enter me in the contest!

  132. Ed Trauschke says:

    I don’t have any musical talent that I know of. Maybe I just never had the right instrument!

  133. Wayne says:

    plz plz…i needer a fender

  134. Stephen H says:

    I want one!

  135. Dawn says:

    You guys give cool prizes! Pick me!

  136. Wish I could go to Promax myself, but would love a Strat that was road worn as well!

    It would look good with my SRV and EC on the wall!

  137. Joan B says:

    Oh – and one more thing – coolest invite ever … Direct Mail companies should take a lesson from you.

  138. Joan B says:

    I used to play guitar in church you think this will sound the same??? Amazing Grace … how sweet ….

  139. Jim Hayek says:

    I am ready to receive Leo’s dream

  140. Jim Hayek says:

    I love it! A new Fender would make my life so much more wonderful. Thanks for the tiny paper version I just got in the mail, too.


  141. Ted Hill says:

    I won’t be at Promax so thank you for doing the contest online. You guys are always the cooooolest guys at the show!

  142. Stephen,

    Those guitars are music to my ears! My 11-year-old son plays and he would love to get his hands on one of those!


  143. William Kruidenier says:

    My neighbors need waking up! A Strat or Tele will do it!

  144. Rick says:

    Oh boy, new guitar!

  145. Lauren Lee says:

    What a great promotion! You guys are fantastic.


  146. Greg Fagan says:

    This is a very kind thing to do for four orphans: The older ones so rarely find homes. These, I’m sure, will find love and an opportunity to play. Loud.

    Bless your axe-placing heart, Stephen Arnold.

  147. Show me the love, baby!

  148. Dan Scott says:

    Hey, is this for real? Sounds pretty cool. I would love to win a guitar. Been playing 25 years, and Fender has always been my choice . . .

  149. Bonnie Barclay says:

    Have a good Promax.

  150. Wilson Middleton says:

    The guitar WILL BE MINE. I still hope that I will win!

  151. Tom Faulkner says:

    Mid-50’s FenderLust continues into my mid-50’s.

    El Faulk

  152. Ryan M says:

    I can’t make it to promax…but I definitely would love to get my hands on that yellow tele!

    Fingers Crossed,

  153. Paul says:

    Hope all is well in NYC… have fun without me!

  154. Dave says:

    C’mon Steve/Chad…it’s my Bday…hook a brother up! Not at Promax

  155. Buffy says:

    Air guitar is getting old. Need a real set of strings. No Promax for me.

  156. Ben Ralph says:

    Did anybody really win the other guitar?

  157. Ben Ralph says:

    Ok I will try for number 2, you sure know a lot of people. I didn’t think the odds would be so high, plus if I win you can come play it anytime. Its no different than being stored at the office as my house.

  158. Tim Boknecht says:

    Sorry I won’t be able to attend Promax, but it sure would be nice to win that guit-fiddle!

  159. Michael S. says:

    I’ll take a chance at a free guitar! Heck, with today’s economic situation, playing a “free” guitar may be my only form of entertainment………………………

  160. Evan Haiman says:

    See you at Promax!
    My son would love any of these guitars!


  161. Paul Greeley says:

    I’ll miss being humbled and inspired at PROMAX this year. OK, the parites, too, especially the SAM party.
    Miss you all.
    Paul Greeley

  162. Dan Farley says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be be at Promax, but a nice consolation prize would be the Fender. Oh yes, one day it will be mine!


  163. Brian Ligon says:

    STILL keeping my rock ‘n’ roll dreams alive!!
    Besides, if I win… my wife can’t get mad at me about getting a new guitar!!!!!! Double score!!!!!!

  164. Kati Donaghy says:

    Pick me!!!!!! I never win anything!
    I hope you guys are doing well!
    Miss YA!-Kate

  165. Chip Mahaney says:

    This will be an upgrade from the guitar I use for Rock Band!

  166. Mr. Big says:

    Missing Promax for the first time in 10 years. Send me a guitar to make up for it, please.

    Yours truly,

    Mr. Big

  167. This time – I win!!!

    Thanks, Stephen!

  168. Dave Baumann says:

    I want my guitar! I don’t have a true Fender! I promise I will play it in my band!

  169. Stan says:

    Oh man! It would be awesome to win this guitar.

  170. Anthony says:

    A tele would be teleriffic! Git my Twang on!

  171. Elizabeth Daly says:

    Fenders are fun! I’ll see you at Promax

  172. B.J. says:

    Ok, ok, ok, put my name in the hat or whatever you’re drawing from 🙂
    maybe Beeler or I will get lucky – I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar 🙂

  173. Scott says:

    I can’t remember when Stephen Arnold wasn’t our news music! Sure would like a real Strat, my Bullet is just a knock-off.

  174. Dondi Bastone says:

    String me up !!!

  175. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  176. Rebecca says:

    Okay, I’ll try one more time. Hope I win!

  177. Betty Fish says:

    Since I am not musically inclined, this would be awesome to give to my 10 year old son to fulfill my fantasy of becoming a rock star.

  178. Don Norman says:

    Have a great PROMAX! Sorry I can’t attend this year!

  179. Andrew Silver says:

    They all look cool!!! I want just one!!!!!

  180. Rich Canaday says:

    We all need a little guitar in our lives to keep the music alive!

  181. Nick Carr says:

    Just one guitar is fine

  182. Linda Gray says:

    I sure would love to be able to give a cool, slightly worn guitar to one of the musicians working in the station’s Promotion & Creative Services department! It would keep the smile on the face of one of our talented, hard-working team members!

  183. Jill says:

    I promise I will play it if I win it!

  184. Wilson Middleton says:

    Pick Me!!! I want this guitar. Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!

  185. KB says:

    Me! Me! Pick Me!

  186. Timmy says:

    All I’ve got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth

  187. Brooke says:


  188. Chuck Carey says:

    Best idea ever!

  189. While my guitar gently weeps. . .

  190. Jeremy Tate says:

    Time to start a real rock band. =) No more video games!

  191. Jenny says:

    My black leather outfit and a rural South Texas stage are waiting.

    Can’t wait to feel that guitar!!!

  192. Brian Ross says:

    Well…I’m giving it another shot. I’d sure love to be the lucky devil who wins that one!


  193. Mike says:

    If I win… will my 14 year old will think I’m cool again… probably not!

  194. Ronnie Poore says:

    I won’t be choosy. you can pick whichever Fender you want me to have. thanks for the offer

  195. chris l says:

    stuck in WV

  196. chris l says:

    Had to cancel….wish I was there!

  197. JT Cantwell says:

    If I win, can I get 4 personal guitar lessons from you as well…, in the south of France?
    Thanks for the oppty! Get to ATL soon.

  198. Wes says:

    Wanna hear Smoke on the Water?

  199. Tele please! Awww, any of them will do.

  200. Jason Knouse says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to plug it in and ROCK OUT!

    Great promotion, SA! Can’t wait to win!

    Can’t be at Promax, but looking for some good tracks and a quote!


  201. As a bassist, I’ve always been a fan of Fender – still have the ’78 P-bass I bought as a teen 🙂 And love my recently purchased 5-string Jazz Bass – it goes to all the gigs these days.

    That said, a Strat sure would be a nice compliment to my project studio (already have a great Tele).

  202. Tony Sutliff says:

    Nigel Tufnel: The sustain, listen to it.
    Marty DiBergi: I don’t hear anything.
    Nigel Tufnel: Well you would though, if it were playing.

  203. Nate Biehl says:

    Hey, free guitars! I’m down!

  204. Me, me, me, pick me…pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee?!?!?!?

  205. Vic Richards says:

    Here’s to winning a fantastic prize!

  206. Paul says:

    I would love to win! Where do I sign up? I don’t see it on the website.

  207. Ralph Tobias says:

    My wife won’t let me buy another guitar, so maybe I can win one!

  208. Patrick Houlihan says:

    Ya got to be in it to win it!

  209. Marky Mark says:

    Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jivin’, too!
    -B.B. King

  210. Ray Lambiase says:

    One man’s guitar, is another man’s banjo. I think Earl Scruggs said that. Or maybe it was Steve martin.

  211. Ray sams says:

    Fender!!! We would mount that guitar in our graphics area and name it…(insert drumroll)…..

    ROARING THUNDA!!! (insert pfunk hand gesture)

  212. Rick Owens says:

    I could rock one of these on my new web show GuitarStar. That would be awesome!

  213. Stephen, I submit myself humbly before the guitar Gods, empty hands, itchy fingers.

  214. It would be awesome to win one of these guitars! Rock on guys!!

  215. Kent Welch says:

    I know another promo manager that owns over 60 guitars.
    I am not that cool, and have none. Help right this wrong.

  216. Steve MacInnis says:

    Thanks for another chance to win one of these great classics!

  217. Dave McCoy says:

    the perfect accessory for my office…

  218. Chris says:

    Hopefully see you guys at Promax.

  219. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a Fender guitar. How cool of you to do this.

  220. Rick Rogala says:

    did I mention that I would really, really, really love to win one of these guitars?

  221. Scott says:

    Still working on cuttin’ that open down to :20… now send me my guitar!!!

  222. Debbie says:

    Wishin and Hopin!

  223. Michael says:

    How are you getting musicians to part with these guitars!!? I don’t think I want to know…

  224. Addie Ferber says:

    MAN i want one of these!

  225. Michael Metz says:

    Thanks for having this contest! Pretty nice guitars! I hope you have your studio has its best year ever in 2009!

  226. Todd says:

    Thanks guys, I would be truly appreciative if I won!

  227. Marshall says:

    See you in NYC

  228. Hello!! I would LOVE to win 🙂 Thanks for all you do guys!


  229. Debbie says:

    Great giveaway. Enjoy Promax!

  230. Chuck Ellis says:

    Here we go again. As much fun as it is to pretend to hold a guitar and make AC/DC sounds with my mouth, I imagine this would greatly aid in that experience.

    Ba…Bada ba…bada bah…Mee-nowna-nowna-nowna…

  231. Scott says:

    You guys rock.

  232. Dave Baumann says:

    Stephen…you passed me over last time…I need more guitars now that I’m gigging again! Hook me up, dude!

  233. Ron says:

    Hello. Are you having a party this year at Promax? Would love to stop by.


  234. Garth Franklin says:

    fingers crossed, would love that guitar

  235. Freddie Mitchell says:

    Sure would like to win that pretty fender:)

  236. Sheryl says:

    Fingers crossed! My daughter would love to go electric! Thanks for the chance! Have a great show!

  237. OK… so I need a good guitar to make a Windmill videotape for the contest on to get another Strat autographed by Pete Townshend.

    I think I would do serious harm to myself trying to do windmills on a Martin acoustic… so pull my name!!!!!!!!

  238. Johnny Caruso says:

    Beautiful looking guitars

  239. Wilson Middleton says:

    Count me in on this drawing. I already know how to play guitar.

  240. Wilson Middleton says:

    I hope that I will win these guitars. These guitars would make a great addition to my collection!

  241. Tony B says:

    I don’t need to take a promax to get a woody for those fine axes! Whoa baby! Did you see that one on the left? Mmmmm mmmm mmmm…she fine!

  242. Greg Raschio says:

    Did I mention I’ve always wanted a banged and beaten Fender roadie?

  243. Jill Genter says:

    I promise I’ll learn to play if I win…

  244. David Jewell says:

    We love our music package and the GREAT SERVICE on special projects. You guys ROCK!


  245. Awesome promotional idea! Will have to sample some of the music to see what you are all about. Count me in for the drawing!

  246. Jimmy says:

    My “for real” road-worn Fender is nearly 47 years old. It really needs to stay at home and rest. Winning this guitar would allow my old Strat to retire gracefully instead of falling apart on stage.

  247. Great giveaway… If I don’t win, I hope a deserving musician does.

  248. Jeremy Harman says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  249. Chip Miller says:

    Thanx for this great opportunity to win one of your electric guitars. Though I can dearly use this instrument for myself, being that my guitar is at the end of its road, and I have been unemployed since returning from Iraq as a civilian teacher. If were fortunate enough to win, I will bequeath this instrument to the 16 year old musician son of my best friend who recently passed away. This kid is an amazing gifted musician, but lives in a small 2-room cabin in the desert with his mom and two sisters, and they have no money to speak of. The boy has already been offered a partial scholarship to study music, but he can’t afford to buy a decent guitar. So this win would be God-sent. Good luck to me, him, and all the other good folks who are trying to win. Peace. Chip Miller

  250. The industry’s best promotion is coming back for more! Thanks for bringing it around again, S.A. Maybe this time my mojo will be firing on all cylinders!

    Say hello to Max and Pro for me.

  251. Jeff N says:

    My son is just learning to play guitar. This would be perfect.
    I like The Vault.

  252. ronnie meyer says:

    i am with ruben on this one…i never win anything either!
    if only my luck was a good as your music!
    (that line should get me something:)

  253. From David Letterman…


    #1- ‘Finally convinced Paul that ‘Hey Dude’ doesn’t sound quite right.’

    Wish I could be there with you all. Have fun and send me my new guitar!

  254. Brian Ross says:

    Since I’ve never won anything (other than my wife, in a cliffside duel. But that’s a different story) I would love to win this beautiful guitar!

    I’m ready!

  255. I thought Promax was that bladder control drug for older gentlemen.

  256. Dave says:

    I will buy an amp if I win…!

  257. Ron Scalera says:

    Well worn guy looking for well worn guitar to share classic rock songs with. Stephen Arnold Music wins contest of the year. Thanks.

  258. Steve MacInnis says:

    thanks for the cool contest

  259. Kyle Brinkman says:

    No promax for me. But sure love another shot a guitar! Thanks!!

  260. Matt Walker says:

    Not attending PROMAX, unfortunately. Hope you have a good time.

  261. Tom Benson says:

    Thanks for doing this again.

  262. jon fox says:

    See you there

  263. Joe Fischer says:

    Wow. I’d love to teach my son to play on that Tele! Have a great Promax.

  264. Eric Dahl says:

    Wish I was attending Promax, but at least I can sing the Blues on one of these Fender Road Worn Axes!

  265. Jeff says:

    Guitars rock almost as much as Stephen Arnold Music. Is that sucking up enough to win a guitar? I’ve used their music packages a number of times too!

  266. Dude it’d be totally rad to win a guitar! Yay!


  267. Jeff Pitner says:

    Thanks! Maybe I’ll have better luck this time.

  268. Finally, having a Fender “bender” is a good thing!! Rock on!

  269. Richard says:

    Thanks for the chance! -R.

  270. Allan Snyder says:

    wish I could make it to PROMAX, but I’d love to win that guitar anyway.
    -Allan Snyder, KLRT FOX16 Little Rock

  271. Wish I could do this in person at Promax

  272. Chris Beeler says:

    Dudes –
    You are the best – hope we get a chance to do something fun (in a musical way) soon.
    Take care

  273. David Bowen says:

    For Shizzle!
    We are using your new News package here in Springfield, MO – Impeccable quality and DEEP cuts – very happy!
    I wanna win a guitar!

  274. Dutch says:

    Hey! Thanks for another great opportunity. I’d love to be the cool dad bringing one of these home! I know I speak for many of us by saying we really appreciate the chance to participate when we can’t make it to PROMAX.
    Thanks again!
    Dutch Terry

  275. Does Stephen teach the winner how to play the guitar?

  276. Pick me!! Pick Me!! PICK ME!!

    Music is my LIFE Man!!

    I will play “Stairway” for you and send it to you in an .mp3 file. Na… just kidin…

    But really I would spread the love of Stephen Arnold Music!!!!


  277. Rebecca says:

    I won’t be at Promax so thank you for doing the contest online. Such a cool prize!

  278. Thank you for the possibility of winning and my company, NBC25, looks foward to utilizing Stephen Arnold creations in the near future

  279. Chris Mollere says:

    Hope all is good with y’all! Best of luck out on the road and enjoy everything! Another great drawing from y’all. Thanks.


  280. Brian Ligon says:

    Thanks so much for another opportunity to win one of these great guitars!!!

  281. LTR says:

    Have a great Promax!

  282. Those are purdy!

  283. Tom Hill says:

    Battered and beaten. Perfectly in tune with
    “in this economy”

  284. Rick Rogala says:

    Stephen, you’re the best! Will always remember the session building Tampa’s music.

  285. Thanks for all the great music guys, it has really help improve the feel of “Canada in the Rough”!

  286. chris l says:

    See you at Promax

  287. Ruben says:

    I never win anything!