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Name That News Package – Guitar Giveaway!

Fender Strat Giveaway

UPDATE: And The Winner Is …

Hey, you. Wanna win a guitar? We’ve got two chances for you to win!

Name that guitar giveaway

Based on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s favorite guitar, the SRV Strat is made for Texas Blues, with the same features as his “Number One”. Featuring three Texas Special single coil pickups, similar to the original 1959 pickups.

Straight from Stephen’s collection – a 15 year old, slightly abused 2000 Fender Artist Series Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster could be all yours. To enter, just listen to the demo of our latest news music package, then leave a comment below suggesting a name for the package (serious suggestions only, please). We’ll print out all the comments and put them in our famous fishbowl. We’ll then draw a comment at random, and that person wins the SRV guitar!

We’ll also choose our favorite suggestion for the package name, and whoever suggested it first will win this 2014 60th Anniversary American Fender Stratocaster.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Strat, Fender did a 1 year limited run only in 2014 featuring a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY NECK PLATE. A great tribute to a legendary instrument. Killer guitar. Killer sound.

So take a listen to the package, leave us a suggestion, and cross your fingers. With a little luck and a clever name, you could win both guitars!

*rules and regulations

please note: all comments are moderated before approval and can take up to 24 hours to appear.

  1. Brett Kenyon says:


  2. I think this should be called the “LEADER” package. It sounds very driven and powerful. It also screams “serious” yet conversational… which is what you want a “leader” to be. Every station wants to be the market leader in their respective cities, and I also think the name would sell the package as well.

  3. Tim Boknecht says:

    It’s all pretty animated and non-stop.

    My title suggestion: Go Time!

  4. Bonnie Wood says:

    News Dominator

  5. Jim says:

    Unto the Breach

  6. NEWSOT Package.

    I had one of these SRV strats years ago and I miss it almost every day. Fingers crossed!

  7. Jeff Pitner says:


  8. ROD TOLER says:



  9. Steven Patrick says:

    Fire in the Hole

  10. Alex Mitchakes says:

    Title it: “I take the evening news more seriously with drum fills”

  11. Chris Barrus says:

    iTech Z130

  12. InspiratumNotos – An inspiring wind

  13. a molina says:


  14. Kevin Kolbe says:

    Bongo Beat Street

  15. Not sure if I can suggest more than one, but here are 3:

    1. The Expert [alive with definition, a leading signature and riff, overall great presence]

    2. Morphotic [another great album addition to the SAM collection]

    3. Superium [power in the music that speaks to each category extremely well]

    My sole suggestion (if only allowed one) would be “The Expert”.

  16. Bruce B. says:


  17. Brad Klukow says:

    It’s a great bed of music. Powerful and Grand.

    I say name it: React

  18. Chris Gross says:


  19. Erik Thorson says:

    Hot Spotlights

  20. Kellen Dargle says:

    “Now’s the Time.”

    The melody almost sings “Now’s the time for [any two-syllable fill in].”

  21. When I heard it I felt ‘Endurance.’ W2G Suzi Mahe, you beat me to it!

    Since ‘Endurance’ has already been submitted my suggestions is: Shoryuken**

    Eat your heart out Capcom…

  22. David Hershey says:

    Premios News Maximus!

  23. Chad Larsen says:

    Bottled Adrenaline

  24. Being that our station is “Your Connection”, I like Brett Kenyon’s idea. But I like this one better: “Power Play” 🙂

  25. Chad says:

    Thanks for the great response everyone – keep them coming!

  26. Chris Pruitt says:

    Bongo News 720. Because 360 degrees is just not enough.

  27. Brian says:


  28. david harbert says:

    smooth move

  29. marcos says:


  30. Mike Hanger says:

    Here it is –

    Intrigue > Speaks to the variety in the package. It also lends to the fact that the package isn’t to hard or soft but has a definite draw… wishing it was launched 6 months ago. I like it!

  31. Carl Mitchell says:


  32. Patrick Williams says:

    Reliable Sources

  33. Andrew Felix says:

    “Metro” – it’s very clean and modern

  34. Tony Pierce says:

    A News Package Named Sue

  35. Kevin Wuzzardo says:


  36. Rocky Daboval says:

    Today tomorrow and the future

  37. Perspicacity (Perspica-CITY). Gives a feeling of insight, knowledge and understanding from a station of authority.

  38. Jim Caskie says:

    Life Beat..

    City Pulse

    or Mo’ on the Flo!

  39. Kara McGinn says:

    Axiom: a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

  40. Suzi Mahe says:

    Base Jump

  41. Suzi Mahe says:


  42. Rick Rogala says:

    Listened five times… every time I hear the signature four notes I find myself saying “I am thir-sty”, with the staccato at the end serving as exclamation points. So there you have it… The “I Am Thirsty” Package.

    Seriously, I think you should call it “Verve”. (As in energy and vitality).

  43. Scott Harris says:

    City Beat

  44. ttownscott says:


  45. ttownscott says:

    News Buzz

  46. Chris Lorance says:

    Sweet precision

  47. genesis the (beginning)

  48. mogottimusic says:

    Synthsationalized News

  49. Jeremy Alden says:

    This package is pure, unrelenting intensity…pristine production with a raw, visceral undercurrent!! The top notch percussion and very cool choice of instrumentation makes it a real standout. As I’ve said it before, this package sounds like it belongs on the silver screen! My name suggestions are based on the urgency, intensity, and focus of this commanding news package: GROUND ZERO, Latitude, and Revelation.

  50. Adam says:


  51. Calvin H. says:


    “Bring your sound to new heights.”

  52. Chad says:

    The great suggestions just keep coming. Thanks everyone!

  53. c30b says:

    I was thinking about two names: “The Pulse” and “Compass”.

  54. Council Bradshaw says:

    News in the key of Awesome.

  55. Zach b says:

    To me it sounds like you’re on the move, like you are searching.

    “driving forward”

    Driving forward for the answers,for the facts,for the truth.

    Whatever it gets named, very good package indeed, nice work SAM

  56. Jeremy Alden says:

    “Resonance” — for the sonic qualities this package already has and the profound impact that stations will make while using this music 🙂

  57. Pete G. says:

    I’d thinking the classic rock route and going with “Thunderstruck.”

  58. Stefan Aleo says:

    “First at the scene”

    It’s what the four note signature sounds like around the 4 second mark in the video.

  59. abric says:


  60. Eduardo Ricardo says:

    “Electric Summit”

    • Eduardo Ricardo says:

      Because the dramatic and commanding tone of the package represents a sound synonymous with the top stations around the United States, with an added twist of electric guitar notes.

  61. Dal Moore says:

    It’s driving with a notable impact…I’d call it “NewsPunch”

  62. Jonathan Parker says:


  63. Michael Justice says:

    “Universal Vibe”

  64. Greg Hay says:

    Universal groove

  65. Eric says:

    It’s tough to think up a good name for WSB 2015 News Theme. I like some of the other suggestions, like Reliable Sources and Compass. A suggestion I’d like to throw out… Truth Seekers. I wouldn’t recommend recycling news theme names, like The One & Only, Action News, Pinnacle, News Leader, and/or The Edge, to name a few. Hopefully the name will be something original, and something that sticks.

  66. Darrin says:

    Three Chords & The Truth

  67. Nick G. says:

    “Divergence” or “Surge” feels like they fit the tone of the package. To be powerful and different from the other stations.

  68. Kevin L. Helton says:

    Walking on Treetops

  69. Derrick Lee Anderson says:

    When I first heard this theme, it is a theme that I looked real forward to hearing. I have a couple of suggestions for the name – (1) “NewsPoint” and (2) “Sledge Hammer”.

  70. C A Lee III says:

    A Tradition Of Excellence

  71. Jane Herzberg says:

    “News Synergy”

  72. Dogface Films says:

    “LIve, Local, Late-Breaking”

  73. Mark Durham says:

    1) Soundsations

    2) Newzic 2015

    3) The Pulse

  74. Wes Pollard says:

    I like it…how about:


  75. Kim Leach says:

    “Fast Forward”

    “Let’s fast forward to the latest on this breaking news investigation.”

    “Let’s fast forward to the very latest on this severe weather situation.”

  76. Matt says:

    Zenith Platform

  77. Larry says:

    blue hills

  78. John R. King says:

    1. Command

    2. Unstoppable

    3. Authoritative

  79. James Valentine says:

    The Sound of Life

  80. Raul Sanchez says:

    The name should be 1) WSB News 2) WSB Local 3) Atlanta Force

  81. Judge Fudge says:

    I think it should be called “Fuel”. Short and memorable name, and signature that drives emotion.

    As a secondary pick I’d go with “Vitality”

  82. Tim says:

    good hard hitting news theme.

  83. Michael Woods says:

    News Elements

  84. Ivelisse Woods says:


  85. Bob McCormick says:

    Compelling intensity that evokes the promise of TRUTH ON DEMAND

  86. Terry Porter says:

    “Here’s What’s Happenin”

  87. Matthew Hendrix says:

    S.A.M.S. Stephen Arnold Musical Symphony

  88. Chris McKendrick says:

    “Breaking Muse.”

    Implies urgency, intensity and creativity, and who doesn’t enjoy a good pun?!

    Also, “Intensity” suits it rather well too.

  89. I like the way each track has it’s own sound and energy. Unlike most packages that sound exactly the same from cut to cut minus an instrument, I almost thought I was listening to different packages. My name suggestions are:

    1. Synergy

    2. Synergize

    3. Alliance

  90. whtmbettybryanfish says:


  91. Mark H says:

    Break The News

  92. Strong, Intense, and Implies Urgency! Excellent Creation as Usual!

    Title: “Revolution”

  93. Daniele Feenstra says:

    Big Impact

  94. Bob Walters says:

    “High Voltage”

  95. Sean Finn says:

    Not for Karen

  96. Chad Larsen says:

    1-Bring Da News!

    2-What You Don’t Know


  97. Andrea Clenney says:

    “Fierce Dynamic”

  98. Daniele Feenstra says:

    Striving for Excellence

  99. I really like “Alliance” for some reason–the coming together of news teams, communities, and news teams WITH communities for greater strength and impact.

  100. Daaaah, someone beat me to “Alliance”…

    “Fraternity” strikes me. As does “Generations”

  101. Andrea Clenney says:

    “Fierce Overdrive”

  102. Andrea Clenney says:

    “Arnold Overdrive”

  103. Alex Madsen says:

    News Beats

  104. Andrea Clenney says:

    “SAM Elan”

  105. Tj Baysinger says:



    “Adrenaline Junkie”

  106. david saich says:


    “Dammit I’m Serious”


    “Shut Up and Listen”

    “Freud Was Right”

    Thanks guys, killer package.

  107. Tj Baysinger says:

    “Caffeine Aesthetic”

    or, just


  108. Nikki Bates says:

    “Driving Force”

  109. Adam says:

    Lee Roy Jenkins!

  110. Rick says:

    1. News “Package”

    2. Winning!

    3. The Four W’s

    4. Listen and Watch

  111. Doug Holroyd says:

    “Right Here, Right Now!

  112. Travis Dent says:

    Kinetic Horizon

  113. Dylan Hardy says:

    I like “Syncope”. Because it takes your breath away.

  114. Tom Ciprari says:

    Live, Local and Late Breaking, News Weather and Sports!

  115. Tom Ciprari says:

    Ahead of the Competition

  116. Jim Dang says:

    The Accelerator

  117. “Impact!” (Note the exclamation point is required)

  118. Tom Hebel says:


  119. James Yates says:

    “Progressive Pulse”

    Long live SRV!

  120. Roumaine Nigel Hall says:

    Late-Breaking News

  121. Roumaine Nigel Hall says:

    New Directions

  122. Roumaine Nigel Hall says:

    Higher Calling

  123. wnctmarcmorriston says:


  124. wnctmarcmorriston says:

    After another listen some additional names…





  125. Dan says:

    “O-2” The chemical symbol for Oxygen – This package brings a breath of new air into the current news music scene.

    “Uncognito” A play on words to show this package is not a secret but rather a piece of music stations will want to present to their viewers without pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

  126. Tristan Bresnen says:


  127. My suggestion is “Perpetual Vim” which means “lasting life” showing how this could be a long-lasting package because of the uniqueness!

  128. Jesse Kalali says:

    ” Sammy days”